Nigel & Wendy Roberts The Internet Trolls From Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno And Their Use Of False Twitter Accounts To Attack The Victims Of Their De-funct Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’.

After the demise of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ these two trolls and their accomplices were left without a tool for their vile trolling behaviour. 

They had not expected that their victims would come together as a group and fight for justice against these horrible people.

North Wales police were ordered to investigate all previous complaints that they themselves had dismissed. What we were unaware of was just how involved members of North Wales police were in that troll blog and at that time we were not aware that Nigel Roberts was a police informant.

You would have thought under normal circumstances that a police investigation would be enough to keep these internet fiends at bay, but no it did not bother them in the least, why would it, when North Wales police were providing protection for them. 

They created new troll blogs to continue their twisted activities:

  1. The chronicles of ruination.
  2. Rhos on sea glory lost.
  3. Colwyn Bay the last stand.
  4. CSI Llandudno, which was the most vile of them all.

The first three of these blogs continued along the warped theme of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ but their main objective was to attack all members of the newly formed aka VOO.

The last of the four blogs, CSI Llandudno was created with one objective in mind, the deliberate verbal/pictorial assassination of all the main members of VOO.
The CSI troll blog has since been officially investigated, Nigel Roberts has been interviewed under caution and the file is currently sat with the CPS.

All these blogs and their disgusting posts/comments will be documented soon.

What Nigel, Wendy, MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, Ruby Williams, Dylan Moore, Steve ‘Rico’ I’m a hard man Davies and Chris Drew also did was create false Twitter accounts to support these troll blogs and their attacks.

All the Twitter accounts I am about to show you have been banned (something I will prove) by Twitter after Twitter themselves discovered they were used for the purpose of trolling and all belonged to one person, Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents.

Today we will publish some of their content, please note some distinct similarities:

Introducing Iolo Morganwg aka Nigel Roberts and co: 

Note the theme, accusing members of VOO of owing money,
trying to discredit Guto Bebb. Who incidentally did not apologise to Dylan Moore, he was forced to make a partial retraction because of a concocted conspiracy between Janet Finch Saunders & MP for Clwyd West David Jones, something I will publish shortly. 
Why is Nigel asking for my contact details, he had stalked my family and I for sometime, he knew my address.

As you will see the theme is very much the same throughout, Nigel concentrates on portraying members of VOO as a bunch of out of work lazy criminals and like in his police statement in an earlier post he portrays himself and his pals as being the victims.
There is so much more from this Twitter account, publishing it all would take up far to much time and space.
But I am sure the reader understands it’s purpose.

Next @ormefoxsteve.

4 thoughts on “Nigel & Wendy Roberts The Internet Trolls From Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno And Their Use Of False Twitter Accounts To Attack The Victims Of Their De-funct Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’.”

  1. Has this Roberts bloke got a screw loose? Smelt a bit to much newspaper ink, I think. He must be a bit strange to load his shop down with Beeny babies and other girly junk. Nothing much happens in his life so he decides to mess up everyone elses. Needs sectoning or becoming a recluse in some monastry in outer Mongolia. His misses could join him.

  2. With so much evidence available, why have theolice not taken any action against this troll? The details you are showing are absolutely damming and are irrefutable. Nigel Roberts should have been locked up ages ago. If the Police knew who it was why did they not take any action all that time ago? Seems a bit obvious that he has the protection of certain Police Officers. They need weeding out. Hearing all this and what Mr Creamer has to say, I wont be helping any Officer who is in trouble. By their lack of action they have caused untold suffering to all Nigel Roberts victims. Tit for tat I say.

  3. Delusional that's seems an appropriate word for such wicked people as these, I would be ashamed if they were related to me. Terrible.

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