Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents & His Stalking……

This is a re-post but this time I have added the full picture of Roberts stalking this family, photographing them and then publishing the pictures on his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Those of you who know Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts News Agents in Llandudno, take a close look at the picture below and compare it to the one on the left.
This shows a picture of an overweight grey haired man with sunglasses perched on his head (classic Nigel Roberts pose),taking a photograph.
Nothing wrong with taking a photograph, ordinarily that would be true, but Nigel Roberts had stalked Plaid Cymru MP, Llyr Gruffydd whilst Mr Gruffydd was on a day out in Chester with his four young children.
Mr Gruffydd was responsible for taking this picture, he was actually photographing his children stood around a monument in Chester, I have cropped his children out in the interest of privacy and child protection.
At the time Mr Gruffydd took this picture he had not realised he had snapped Nigel Roberts taking one opposite him until the next day while he was checking The Thoughts Of Oscar Blog, which he like many others had been lambasted on, that he found the same picture of his children but from the other direction on the blog with the comment along side,
“Why is Plaid AM Llyr Gruffydd shopping in an English town”?
More evidence of Nigel Roberts Stalking and Trolling local people.
When will the police take note.
Nigel Roberts is an internet troll and a stalker, he has an unhealthy obsession with other peoples children, having stolen photographs of my children and published them on his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ as well as tweeting them, then stalking my wife and children, is proof enough for me Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, should be at the very least sectioned, which would allow mental health experts to thoroughly evaluate and his mental state.
This is not normal behaviour, and from a parents point of view I find it worrying that a middle aged man, let alone a man of any age, would behave in such a fashion.

These days we see to often the results of this kind of very strange behaviour, it’s very worrying.