The Troll Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents is retiring…..but not from TROLLING…..

Nigel Roberts the internet troll and an utter disgrace to society is retiring,

Unlike most retries who want to spend more time with their nearest and dearest, especially grandchildren…..!
I’m reliably informed he wants more time to spend with his computers, he is missing his many troll blogs but most particularly ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and ‘CSI Llandudno’. As one of his many victims I find this a little alarming and predict a worrying time ahead for many innocent locals.

The many faces of the troll Nigel Roberts, be aware these are unsuitable for child viewing, parental guidance advised.

On a brighter note hopefully this is a start of a trend which could result in his co-trolls/contributors like MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones will follow suit.

I suggest anybody looking to rent Roberts premises think very carefully before signing any agreement, the reputation of that business has undoubtedly been tainted because of the Roberts’s trolling behaviour conducted from the office at the rear of the premises.

7 thoughts on “The Troll Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents is retiring…..but not from TROLLING…..”

  1. What did Meddles say? It could be just a teaser so I wouldn't get your hopes up. He's known for playing little mind games. I heard he's taking a bit of a hit since Sainsbury's come along, but the hotel reopening next door has been a god send for him, no wonder he was keen to see Climpson and Co booted out. Take the bus stop away, he'd fall flat on his arse. Not much of a newsagents though, more of a gift shop selling silly little teddies.

  2. Must have taken a hit though, I know a few on Arvon Ave who have stopped going there for their papers now.

  3. He's a fat bastard who sells teddies, has an unhealthy interest on other peoples families especially their children, loves to knock other people especially when they're down. I hope he retires, sells that empty house of his and fucks off from this area, we don't need wankers like him running the area down.

  4. You get plenty of hot air and wind from there – not known as The Beanie Shop for nothing. New double act, Flanagan and Roberts.

  5. Wat a wally Roberts has unhealthy interests in other peoples kiddies, I hear he was a great fan of Jim ll fix it

  6. Nigel is a very misunderstood fatty, he spends lots of lovely time with Lisa I think he is just a lonely fat old fart. Wendy on the other hand keeps herself active, good looking girl for her age, no wonder her dad moved her out of Chester

  7. Perhaps this chaps computer(s) should be looked at especially for images of children. Is it him who has been seen sitting in his car by the paddling pool with his camera at the ready?

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