Taken with the kind permission of my good friend Mr Llandudno…..

Closing Down Sale

Everything Must Go!!!!

Job lot of CCTV equipment for sale, going cheap
Various covert recording equipment

Teddy bears professionally fitted with pin hole camera

Several boxes of Tunnock’s biscuits

3,000 boxes of fudge labelled with local photographers images

Other assorted tat

To be collected from Nigel Roberts Newsagents

12-14 Gloddaeth Street, Llandudno

01492 876316/07920050268

Genuine Reason For Sale

1 thought on “Taken with the kind permission of my good friend Mr Llandudno…..”

  1. Rumourz has it the 'data controller', that is Nigel Roberts likes to share his CCTV footage with friends. There should also be no reason for him to keep material beyond a reasonable length of time after he shuts up the premises either. Could land himself a very hefty fine if caught.

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