Llandudno Trolls Nigel & Wendy Roberts…..

Since Nigel 7 bellies Roberts & his wife Wendy were exposed for the disgusting internet trolls they are, they have suffered retribution of the kind this blog would never condone.

Their troll shop windows have been smashed, one of their cars has had its tyres slashed and both cars have been sprayed with graffiti.

I do not doubt that there may be more to come.

It does leave me asking why has someone felt it necessary to go down this road to seek some kind of justice or retribution.

Maybe it is because North Wales Police have refused to bring these people and their co-authors/contributors to justice.

Why would North Wales Police do that?

Perhaps it is because Nigel & Wendy are police informants, who have for at least the last eight years, provided information against others, both personally and via their internet mediums, like their troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Their Newsagents was a hub for gossip and rumour, much of which Roberts recorded, then used on his troll blog and passed to the police. Nigel pretended to be everybody’s friend, gaining their confidence and trust, yet all the time he cared not in the least for anyone or anything.

You just have to speak to Geof Lofthouse for clarification.

Could it also be the Masonic connections, after all Nigel is a Freemason along with several members of North Wales Police, like Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, who consistently denied any knowledge of who authored/contributed to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, despite being fully aware since at least 2009.

Or perhaps the inept DS Hanson who was tasked with the responsibility of investigating all the complaints that had been brought against that blog and its authors/contributors between 2007-2014.
Hanson didn’t even interview Roberts, despite his admission of responsibility, but Hanson is a Freemason and was fully aware of Nigel & Wendy’s commitment to North Wales Police as informers.

Then of course there is the liar Inspector Ian Verburg, this corrupt lying so called police officer was also fully aware of who contributed/authored/co-authored the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, since I believe its outset, yet

rebuffed all those who complained to him about  that blog and its contributors/authors. It is my belief that Verburg acted as the Roberts’s point of contact when they fed information  to the police.

Then there is the very slippery MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, who was a regular contributor/co-author of that troll blog and also

a Freemason, not forgetting that during that blogs 7 year reign of terror Jones for nearly 2 years was Secretary Of State for Wales, that was of course until Cameron sacked him!!!!!!!

Jones while in that position was extremely supportive of North Wales police, perhaps there is a debt of gratitude toward Jones for his support.

Jones still denies any involvement with that troll blog, that’s despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

Can you imagine the backlash once he is finally and publicly outed for his involvement.

Let me make it clear, despite your continued efforts to shut this blog and me up Jones, its not going to happen, I will expose you publicly for your involvement and for your continued lies.

In turn I will expose North Wales Police involvement as well as all others that have contributed/co-authored to that troll blog.

This is in the public interest and will not go away.

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  1. Sooner those two idiots move away from this area the better, nobody likes them, just look at how many staff they went through at the teddy bear shop.

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