Violent Harassment…..

North Wales Police used section 4 of the harassment act to arrest my wife and I, to legally use this there has to be a course of action by the accused of at least 2 incidents to justify an arrest, in both the case of my wife and myself there were not.

In the statements made by Dylan Moore and his partner Mark Bonsall, they categorically state that my wife was sat next to me in my car when I drove by their home and she photographed the damage done to Moore’s car, she was not, she was actually at work, that is what North Wales Police went on as the first course of action.

In a statement by Wendy Roberts she says that my wife photographed their damaged cars with a large camera which had a huge lens and a green strap and that I sat in my car. Wrong again, both my wife and I photographed the Roberts’s damaged cars with our iPhones from outside our car, more lies that North Wales Police used to justify count 2 leading up to harassment.

My wife with out a single doubt was unlawfully arrested and detained for 15 hours, she was and will never be charged.

Mr arrest was unlawful for the same and I will never be charged.

Why did North Wales Police do this? they unlawfully acted in this manner so they could remove from our home all our electrical items and personal effects, if they had only arrested me then they could have only removed my electrical items.

This is now in the hands of our solicitors, as are the backed up hard drives of our laptops etc.

North Wales Police continue to deprive my children of the tools they rely on for their education, this is forcing us to have to replace these items which we will eventually redeem from North Wales Police.

All this because I refuse to give up in my efforts to expose all the authors/contributors to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and the collusion between North Wales Police and that blogs authors/contributors.

We that is to say VOO,, have given North Wales Police three opportunities to resolve this matter via mediation, they refuse to, why?
What are they really hiding?