North Wales Police and the threats From David Jones MP for Clwyd West…..

MP for Clwyd West David Jones, sacked Secretary of State for Wales, forced to pay back 81,000 pounds in expenses, who says same sex couples cannot provide a safe/suitable environment for the raising of children, the list goes on.

MP, now that’s a great position of responsibility, one that should be used for the good of the people, but sadly is all to often used for the benefit of the MP.

MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, we know without a single doubt was a major author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

As has been admitted by both Dylan Moore and Ian Ralph, Jones’s parliamentary Twitter account has over 40 official Tweets between Jones and the Thoughts Of Oscar Twitter account.

But this this person continues to deny ever having anything to do with that troll blog in anyway at all, now when you say anyway at all, that means in anyway at all, or is it because your an MP and dishonest, does it mean, in my definition of anyway at all?

Earlier this year MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, falsely accused me of an electoral offence that impeded his chances of re-election, an accusation that was eventually dropped.

The publisher of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, Nigel Roberts along with his wife and at the same time accuse me of a section 4 Harassment offence, hours before trail they withdrew their complaint.

North Wales Police were only to eager to arrest me and detain me for both accusations.

Nigel Roberts holds his hands up for the publication and authoring of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, the Police are forced to investigate, they are handed evidence of hate crimes, stalking, identity theft, harassment beyond belief, not only do they the police refuse to investigate all this evidence, they do not even interview Roberts.

But all this has been said before, questions need to be asked, questions are going to be asked, but this time by people North Wales Police will not be able to bat away or lie to.

David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West, telephones the office of Guto Bebb, he says he intends to cause my family and I as much harm as possible, this is all because I refuse to let the obvious corruption/collusion between North Wales Police and the authorship of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar be swept under the carpet.

Roberts, his wife, Jones, Moore, his partner and Ruby Williams all claim they feel threatened because of a harmless comment that had been sent into my blog that I published.

North Wales Police in response arrest me first, then my wife and at the same time raid my home removing all electrical items even those belonging to our children, they also steal passports and personal papers, I say steal because they did not log those items in their inventory of items taken.

If this is not clear proof of North Wales Police’s involvement with the above mentioned blog and people, I do not know what is. This is corruption beyond belief and all to cover up an already, publicly exposed troll blog and it’s authorship. There has to be something a lot more sinister that North Wales Police are trying to cover up, for them to be behaving so unprofessionally.

Ultimately the truth will out, I for one will never cease in my seeking of the truth, North Wales Police and their friends Jones, Roberts and co, will never cease in their attempts to keep me quiet, sooner or later something big is going to happen which will finally expose this horrible situation nationally.

Mediation has been offered to the Police and their friends but still they stupidly refuse, so pride does come before a fall.

Anyone wishing to support my peaceful actions against these people please do so by commenting constructively on this blog, thanks.

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  1. Nigel Roberts reports accusaktion of harassment to Police, 2 people IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED.
    Someone harassed by Nigel Roberts reports to Police, STILL WAITING FOR ACTION 5 Days later.
    Nothing less than an official Government enquiry is URGENTLY required to investigate this unbalanced and discriminatory action of the Police. Where are our MP's and the Police Commissioner in this. It's OK David Jones we know what you are doing!

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