An email to Inspector Naughton…..

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10:33 AM (23 hours ago)

to Emma
Hello Inspector Naughton

Yes I wish to discuss things pertaining to the horrendous crime my wife and I have been accused of, the same crime our home was raided for, a raid that was not carried out according to pace.

Why else would I wish to talk with you? certainly not about the continued internet harassment we are having to contend with, why would I bring that to your attention? I mean to say you did nothing near to the perpetrators of CSI Llandudno, that you have to my wife and I, this I find extremely disturbing, and please do not insult me by repeating what Bricknell said to us, when he concluded his investigation into the same.

“We need Google to assist us in tracing the IP addresses for those responsible and Google will not help”, this is bull as you know. You needed to raid the premises of Nigel Roberts seize his equipment, you know, like you have done mine and my family’s.

Please do not insult me further by saying you had no proof it was him, we provided clear evidence of his guilt.

I have asked relevant questions of PC Barlow, to which I cannot get answers, you are his superior so it would be safe to assume you could provide those answers, it is clear to me you do not wish to meet with me so I will ask the same questions via this email.

Do you think the way my wife and I have been treated was proportional?

Who authorised our arrests and the subsequent raid on our home?

At the very least why was my wife not asked to attend Llandudno Police station to be interviewed, this is a lady who has never put a foot wrong in her life, after all that is all you did with Roberts over the CSI blog.

Why did your officers not adhere to PACE? especially when it came to taking our children s belongings, if you care to check PACE you will see they had to provide a satisfactory explanation when seizing items belonging to children, they did not.

Why a week after our arrests were my wife’s and my mobile phone returned and not those belonging to our children, or the defunct ones, we were told during interview they would be prioritised, I find this somewhat suspicious.

Why are my children’s things still in your possession four weeks on? especially those belonging to my disabled son?
Where are our passports??????????
Why do you still have a 16 year old VHS camera with no hard drive or memory card facility?
Why are you still holding old and out of date phones and sim cards?
Why has my wife’s alibi’s for the things she was arrested, not be checked, four weeks in? we have even provided irrefutable evidence of her innocence.
Please don’t come back with the same old tosh, these things take time…….
It is my belief that we have been arrested and our homes searched simply because David Jones and your superiors have conspired to do so, in the hope of finding what?????????
My wife and I will be completely vindicated despite the best efforts of North Wales Police to ruin our lives, and for what, what are you hiding? why are you so protective of those people that spent seven years destroying the life’s of others.
I hate corrupt people and believe you me no matter what North Wales Police and David Jones conspire to do I will fight all this to my last breath.
R Windmill

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  1. I am sure there are many other people who would add their names to your observations and comments, and also give you their whole hearted support. The actions of the Police in general and certain Officers in particular has been diabolical and much less than one expects of the guardians of Law and Order in this country. A full dossier of each and every event needs to be prepared for submission to the Home Office and also to the European Court for Human Rights. This whole debacle needs bringing to a satisfactory conclusion at the earliest opportunity, lessons need to be learnt, and stupid procedural mistakes need to be avoided in the future. It becomes rather bizzare when Solicitors, High Court Judges, Superintendents of Police and Members of Parliament get embroiled in a matter that could have been solved over a year ago with a Public apology from the causation. David Nigel Roberts et al.

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