The Famous Five…..

There once was an evil little blog called Oscar
Thoughts of Oscar to be precise
It was nasty, twisted & spiteful
Really…. not at all, very nice.
Its authors/contributors comprised of five, now known as the famous five,
They published comments of hate aimed at others, comments that were full of horrible lies,
Nigel Roberts was its publisher, who was assisted by Wendy his wife,
The contributors/authors were a bizarre bunch
Who thrived on this bitter….. way of life.
MP David Jones, his partner Dylan Moore, Ruby Williams, 
The loose cannon, who’s language was really quite poor.
All three enjoyed there flight, amongst words filled with spite
Driving there victims mad with worry,
Within that knowledge they wrote with a flurry.
North Wales Police were there to help after all that’s what their for,
To protect the serve the people, to uphold our UK law.
Men women and children sought that help, help at the policemen’s door,
Desperate and tired of their torment, from that troll blog and it’s authors,
they knew the police would help for sure.
The many victims of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’
Spoke with police officers, by the score,
The police officers at their station said to all,
“There’s nothing we can do, we don’t know of this blog or who is responsible”
“Now go away, shoo and close the door”.
It soon became apparent the police officers had told big lies, 
they had known all along who was behind that blog, they had known it was the famous five,
The police officers went after the victims, yes that;s what I said,
the victims of the famous five,
The police officer arrested them on trumped up charges that they had conspired with the famous five.
As bizarre a story this may sound, it is all so very true
The victims of the famous five are just ordinary folk, like me and you.
Their torment it continues and probably will for time to come,
North Wales Police and their involvement with the despicable famous five,
Will one day be made to account for their spite and dreadful lies.
Sent in by a reader.