Keeping the liars lies fresh in our minds…..

I know many would love this swept under the carpet and just disappear, but no way are my associates and I going to allow that to happen.

MP for Clwyd West David Jones, even to this day continues to deny any involvement in the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, as does his partner Dylan Moore, I do not understand why!!

There is so much irrefutable evidence to the contrary yet still they plead their innocence and still North Wales Police continue to collude with them to try and keep this obviously very devious and corrupt situation quiet.

I know most of my readers would have read all this before and are fully aware of how my family and I are being targeted by Jones, Moore and the rest of their group (The Famous Five) and how eager North Wales Police are in their assistance of these internet trolls.

Row over ‘poison pen letter’ North Wales blog

Published date: 11 September 2014 | 

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Guto Bebb MP has accused three people of connections to Thoughts of Oscar, two of which he named while speaking in parliament. 
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FORMER Secretary of State for Wales David Jones and his business associate have strongly denied involvement with an online blog accused of “vicious trolling”. 

Dylan Moore, a lawyer at the Clwyd West MP’s Llandudno-based law firm David Jones Solicitors, was linked to the now defunct Thoughts of Oscar blog after Aberconwy MP Guto Bebb hired a private detective to investigate the site. 

Speaking in the House of Commons under parliamentary privilege on Tuesday, Mr Bebb said: “It is probably best described as a small-town poison pen letter blog, with an added interest in politics — mostly local politics, but it has a rather remarkable interest in Welsh Conservatives, wherever they may be located in Wales. 

“Over the years the site has harassed, abused, libelled and generally targeted a series of individuals, businesses, council officials and local councillors. 

“All that, as would be expected, has been done behind the cloak of anonymity.” 
Both Mr Moore and Mr Jones denied any connection to the blog, while a Mr Nigel Roberts claimed sole responsibility in a final post before the blog closed earlier this week. 

Ex Westminster cabinet member Mr Jones said:
“To address any perceived ambiguity in Mr Bebb’s address to the House, I wish to make it clear that I was not involved in the authorship of the blog. 
Mr Jones omitted to divulge his regular contribution to the blog Thoughts of Oscar & the regular communications between his official parliamentary Twitter account and the Thoughts of Oscar Twitter account, Jones in a recorded meeting says he has had nothing to do in anyway what so ever with the blog Thoughts of Oscar. We do not believe you Mr Jones.

“I understand that the blog’s true author had already admitted, prior to Mr Bebb’s appearance in the House, that he had acted alone.” 

Mr Moore invited Mr Bebb to make the accusation outside of parliament, where he would not be covered by parliamentary privilege. 
Mr Moore omitted to tell the press at the time he had made this invite to Mr Bebb, that a week prior to Guto Bebbs speech, outing that troll blog and it’s authors,  Mr Bebbs office had informed as a matter of courtesy  their AM, Janet Finch Saunders, of Mr Bebbs intended speech, that Finch Saunders then conspired with Moore and Jones to say she had heard Mr Bebb mention this outside of Parliament prior to his speech. Something David Jones has admitted in an official police statement earlier this year, available in the archives of this blog.
This in effect was a lie but enabled Moore to threaten Bebb with legal action, something they knew Bebb could not afford.

He said: “I am appalled that any Member of Parliament, let alone my own MP, should throw an innocent constituent to the wolves in this way and hide under the cloak of Parliamentary privilege. 
Moore is no moore innocent than I am related to the Queen, we have several recorded admissions to contradict Moore’s statement and the results of a reputed private investigator.
“Mr Bebb’s allegation that I am in any way, or have ever been, involved in the Thoughts of Oscar blog or, indeed, any other blog is completely untrue. 
According to our evidence that’s another lie.
“Those who know me – family, friends and clients – know full well that the allegation is nonsensical. 
Perhaps your friends and family were unaware of your involvement Moore, after all the blog was written and published anonymously, why would that be, do you presume?
“It is well known locally that I do not tweet, text or use a mobile phone.” 

But you do use Facebook and by your own recorded admission read blogs!!!!!!!

Mr Moore added that he had made several attempts to contact Mr Bebb since the allegations were made. 

Mr Bebb claimed North Wales Police did not do enough to investigate when complaints were made about the blog. 

Officers said they are now “examining in detail his concerns.” 

DCC Gareth Pritchard said: “We have examined our systems and have ascertained that since 2009 there have been six complaints about postings on the Thoughts of Oscar blog, but none amounted to a criminal offence. 

That’s very strange because those complainants included evidence of homophobic hate crimes, hate crimes against disabled children, threats to shoot some of the complainants, plus so much more, but DCC Gareth Pritchard says ” “We have examined our systems and have ascertained that since 2009 there have been six complaints about postings on the Thoughts of Oscar blog, but none amounted to a criminal offence. 
What needs to be added is that between 2007/2014 many more then six complaints were brought to the attention of North Wales Police, but the police only recorded six of these complaints.
So perhaps DCC Gareth Pritchard could tell my readers why this comment, 
The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.
Published on this blog, a blog that does not hide behind anonymity, but sent in by a reader, was enough for North Wales Police to arrest me and remove all electrical items from my home?

Please explain to me where the comparison is? after all everything published on this blog is fact, there are no lies, this blog is about exposing the truth behind those that authored the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and the quite obvious North Wales Police collusion with both the blog and it’s authors.
DCC Gareth Pritchard says “Appropriate advice was given to the complainants. 
That’s a bloody big lie all complainants were told that North Wales Police knew not who the authors of the blog were, let alone had any knowledge of the blog, and advised all to go away and not read it

DCC Gareth Pritchard continues “North Wales Police takes incidents of on-line crime very seriously and where there is evidence to support an investigation we will do all we can to prosecute offenders and bring them to justice, as our recent history demonstrates.
Is that so, so why then did you not prosecute at the very least Nigel Roberts? It strikes me North Wales Police choose who to prosecute and who not to.
“Arrangements have been made to speak with Mr Bebb later this week to establish the full nature and background of his concerns.” 

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