The Famous Five & How They Came Together…..

Dylan Richard Moore…..
Dylan Moore is in my opinion the slipperiest of the five, Dylan is a partner at David Jones Solicitors in Llandudno.
Dylan openly states, he does not own a MOBILE PHONE and has no time for social media.
This is Dylan’s profile picture from his Facebook page and I assume this is his MOBILE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan admits during a recorded interview that he reads BLOGS, yet he does not have anything to do with social media!!!!!!!!
Dylan is also on LINKEDIN!!!!!!!!!(Linkedin is a social media site for business networking).
Dylan has been a partner at David Jones Solicitors since 1993, working closely with David Jones himself.
Dylan recently accused my wife of being in my car when I drove by his house (crime of the century) and he accused her of taking photographs of his car (second crime of the century), Dylan says he felt violently harassed by my wife’s actions, so North Wales Police arrested her and detained her for 15 hours.
My wife was never in my car on that morning, she was at work, Dylan Moore is a liar, as is his partner Mark Bonsall.

Dylan Moore became very active with the troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar, acting as a buffer, receiving information from David Jones, researching that information then passing it on to the Roberts’s for publication.
How do we know this? Ian Ralph who worked closely with Moore and Jones, has confirmed these facts more than once during the course of four recorded interviews, all of which I have blogged about before.