Did you think your bullying me and my family would force me to be quiet? you ain’t seen nothing yet…..all you have done is strengthen my resolve

David Jones MP for Clwyd West…..internet troll

Nigel and Wendy Roberts retired beanie bear sellers…..internet trolls

Dylan Moore Solicitor and whiner…..internet troll

Ruby Williams retired mouth piece…..internet troll

Superintendent John Hanson, liar…..internet troll

Inspector Ian Verburg, liar…..internet troll

PC 1854 Gary James, wanna be Rumpole of the Bailey,…..internet troll

WPC 1555 Lisa Jones, liar…..internet troll

Ex Chef Superintendent Simon Humphreys, liar, internet troll

As yet others un-named.

I will expose the corruption between you dreadful people.