48 Hours…..

Last time I came off police bail, bail the CPS were unaware of, it took North Wales Police just 48 hours to come up with another false charge against me, re-arrest me, detain me for 15 hours, raid my home, take all my personnel mail, my passports all my family electrical’s including those of my 8 year old disabled son.

It is now nearly 48 hours since I was vindicated of those trumped up charges, my family’s and my goods returned, minus the passports and the bail restrictions lifted.

I am waiting for the next fabricated action on behalf of North Wales Police and their good friend MP for Clwyd West, the disgraceful corrupt little worm David Ian Jones.

What extra special force will they use against my family and I this time?

I reckon David Jones MP will encourage his mate superintendent John ‘I’m a liar’ Hanson to arrest me under the terrorism act, therefore allowing North Wales Police to use armed response, at the end of the day they have abused every other power available to them.

We will just have to wait and see…..