Caught trolling again

David Jones the MP for Clwyd West has been caught trolling his boss David Cameron via an anonymous Twitter account @BrexitInJune.

Jones was caught out anonymously trolling the prime minister David Cameron, after being discovered he quickly put his name to his troll account @BrexitInJune. Jones says he operated this troll account so “some clever dick” could not have ago at him for breaking his vow not to tweet during lent.

Strangely thought that did not prevent Jones from tweeting via his official parliamentary account last year during lent, when he decided to tweet about the upcoming election!

So why was he not concerned that someone might take him to task for breaking his vow then? Jones is a liar and would still be trolling anonymously via @BrexitInJune if he had not be caught out.

This man is responsible for a huge amount of harassment and discord over the internet via his various social media platforms, but mainly the now defunct troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Jones has used his masonic connections to have me unlawfully arrested on four occasions, he has influenced the unlawful arrest of my wife, he has had our home raided and used his legal connections to influence the outcome of legal proceedings, he tried to get North Wales recovery closed down in 2011 and all because the owners had hired a private detective to expose the authorship of his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

This MP is a disgrace and should be forced to resign, he is the most loathsome person I have ever met.

Perhaps a member of the tabloid press will now look at the accusations that David Jones was indeed an author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, Despite his constant denials and undeniable evidence to the contrary.

This covert recording is proof enough:

How long will Jones corrupt Freemason friends within the Ranks of North Wales Police continue to protect him?

This whole horrible affair is going to blow up in the faces of the very people who are trying their uttermost to cover it up, namely:

David Jones MP

Superintendent John Hanson, of North Wales Police.

DC Chris Walsh, of North Wales Police.

Ex Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, of North Wales Police.

Nigel Roberts formally of Nigel Roberts Newsagents and publisher of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,

Dylan Moore Solicitor and partner at David Jones Solicitors in Llanduno.

Mark Polin Chief Constable of North Wales Police.

All these people are Freemasons and willing to risk their carreers and for what a bent MP…..there has to be more to this mess!!!!!

Jones is without a single doubt is an internet troll who just cannot help himself, this time he has hung himself, but being the competent liar he is, he try’s to lie his way out of it…..