David & Nigel

The internet menaces behind seven years of terror.

MP David Jones Unstable  Liar  Homophobic

MP David Jones

MP for Clwyd West
David Ian Jones
Retired teddy bear seller
Nigel Roberts.
Nigel '7 Bellies' Roberts internet troll  Liar Steals children's pictures Stalker Police informant

Nigel ‘7 Bellies’ Roberts
internet troll
Steals children’s pictures
Police informant

This pair of deranged idiots have launched yet another troll blog.
Here are some more of the posts they are publishing.
You may note that they big up themselves and their fellow authors.,
While rubbishing everyone else.

 Ruby Williams they voted local of the month. This must be because of her stalking activities.

Ruby Williams  Liar Stalker Foul mouth Internet troll

Ruby Williams
Foul mouth
Internet troll

 Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard
Assists in their continued protection from prosecution.
NORTH WALES POLICE, responsible for their constant trolling of innocent people, by refusing to act against them.
Where as on the other hand this is how they behave toward their targeted victims.


 Jones and Roberts spent years tormenting Craig Ollerton,even to the point that they followed him to Blackpool after he moved there and set up a Blackpool blog to harass him.
Next they choose to pick on me again, yawn yawn.
Then they continue in the besmirching of the good name of Guto Bebb, by plastering these posters around town.
This picture was taken of the bus stop outside Llandudno train station a few weeks ago.
The most disturbing of their recent posts has to be the publication of a picture a young girls undergarments.
Worrying that the author’s would publish this sort of photo,
Yet more worrying that Jones and his friends have a penchant for stealing pictures of children, for use on their various blogs.
One has to ask the question “why are they so fascinated with other people’s children”? Who remembers the picture taken by Nigel of Llyr Gruffydd AM enjoying a day out in Chester with his children!