A message

PC 1854 Gary ‘I’m A Freemason’ James, sends in a message of support for his corrupt colleague DC Martyn ‘I’m A lying thug’ Parmley.
Please provide evidence of the officers corruption. If you can't get a life. Creamers posts are full of lies. I know the officer and he is a better person than you crooks make him out to be. Also, I think you will find the business is a family members. Get a life on. Corrupt North Wales Police…..safe: “1 replies.”
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My reply:
In reply to you PC 1854 Gary James, evidence of corruption has been submitted including the evidence of your lies in your official statement about what I was supposed to have said during your pathetic interview with me on 05-05-2015. Please clarify what you mean when you say Creamers posts are full of lies. 
They clearly are not,everything on Mr Creamers blog is fact and supported by irrefutable evidence. You say you know Parmley, and that he is a better person than us crooks. 
Firstly I am not a crook, but would sooner have that label than the label of a bent copper. Secondly why is Parmley in the position he is in if he was ‘better than us crooks’? 
Or are you going to say that its a mistake. As for the business, we know its a family business, one that will be boycotted heavily once it opens. 
Now disappear back to your little blonde bit, you silly little whalley. on Corrupt North Wales Police…..
Silly PC Gary James, next time you write in don’t sign anonymous, try being a man and put your name to it.