The 96

Unlawful killings Murder Bent Police Bent government Freemasons

Unlawful killings
Bent Police
Bent government

After 27 years of anguish and despair the relatives of the 96 people killed at Hillsborough have taken a large step toward justice.

At last the truth is out, the police were largely responsible, they lied, they changed their note books, which amounts to perverting the course of justice, they conspired with government ministers to deflect the blame on Liverpool football fans, insisting the drunken thuggish behaviour of those fans was the main factor behind the 96 deaths, they lied time and again as is usual for the police.

This disgusting letter was sent to a victims relative by Thatchers minister Bernard Ingham, it says it all.

Hillsborough The 96 Bernard Ingham Thatcher Police lies

The 96
Bernard Ingham
Police lies

So where do the victims and their relatives go from here? you would hope that the authorities would go all out to bring all the people responsible for this atrocity and consequent cover up to justice, but in all honesty I fear they won’t.

Corruption as I have found out to my cost is endemic throughout the police and associated authorities.

At the heart of the matter lies the worst corrupt institution of all, The Freemasons.

Bernard Ingham, Freemason.

Superintendent David Duckenfield, Freemason.

Denis Thatcher, Freemason.

Many other Ranking Police officers of the time were Freemasons, many still are, the same can be said for government ministers past and present.

As we have discovered here in North Wales Freemasons are behind many of the miscarriage’s of justice dished out by our very own corrupt police force, CPS and local MP David Jones.

I cannot see our present government or senior police officers allowing the depth of Masonic influence to be exposed, for crying out loud Cameron himself is a Freemason.

I am delighted that at least the victims and their relatives have been delivered the truth, I am disappointed but not surprised it took so long, but as I have already said I do not believe those with the power and influence will allow heads to fall and the exposing of just how corrupt this horrible situation really is.