Seventeen Years

If you read the about section to this blog its starts thus:

When I started blogging it was a way of me putting something down on pen and paper, so to speak, that was relevant to my family and I, something that maybe my grand kids could read when I’ve left this life, something good, if not a little humorous.

The sad thing is that is how I wanted my blogging to be, I’m not a talented writer I am just me and blogging should have provided me with a way of expressing my experiences as a husband and a father, the two greatest privileges that life could bless me with.

But alas I have become consumed with the injustice surrounded by the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, its authors and North Wales Police.

This is practically all I blog about and it is a shame, its not what I want but I feel I have no choice but to pursue this to what ever end it presents me.


I cannot let the corruption involving this affair go, all those involved would love me to, I would love me to, but after the way North Wales Police have unlawfully treated my wife, my children, our belongings, our privacy and me, there is no way I could ever desist in my efforts to get all those responsible, exposed and made to answer.

North Wales Police have behaved the way they have because they felt I would just go away and they were the law, therefore there is nothing I can do to stop or expose their unlawful actions.

They are wrong there is always a way, Hillsborough has proved that much.

So why am I waffling on about this again? well today I celebrate 17 years of marriage to the most wonderful lady, a lady these people continue to insult on social media in the hope I will respond.

I won’t, but I will keep raising the issue

The pathetic people responsible for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ are all middle aged, you would think they would have left the playground bully in them behind, but no, they continue to harass people like me via their various social mediums, they continue to stalk individuals, to steal children’s pictures to use against the child’s parents.

North Wales Police refuse to act against these horrible immature middle-aged idiots, but when the very same people complain about my attempts to inform the public about their diabolic behaviour, North Wales Police arrest me, search my home, assault me and do the same to my wife.

North Wales Police had the opportunity to put this to bed after they were ordered to investigate the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ affair, they refused to, instead Superintendent John Hanson assured the culprits that the investigation would go nowhere, that’s exactly what happened.

MP David Jones has committed an immense amount of internet crime but has never been questioned, despite compelling evidence against him.

Nigel Roberts was never questioned even after he publically stated he authored that troll blog.

These two twisted individuals were assisted by Dylan Moore, Ruby Williams, Chris Drew, Tom Davidson, Jez Hemmings, Superintendent John Hanson, PC Lisa Jones, PC Gary James, Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, Inspector Ian Verburg and others.

All the above are Freemasons.

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  1. You need to add a certain rotund pier dweller and sponge peddler to that list of names, privy to all sorts of gossip from his hut on the pier, very close links with R*berts and often seen passing on bile and lies to R*berts and Co …

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