A Freemason Free Zone

How many lies are told by Freemasons to cover up the extent of their existence through out the ranks of North Wales Police? and why did our very own Chief constable refuse to answer whether he was a Freemason or not.


                                                                                          I made an FOI request asking North Wales Police this question: 

Dear North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner,

Could you please provide an up to date list of all North Wales Police officers who have declared their affiliation and or interest to/in the Freemasons.

Could you also provide with the name and contact details for the North Wales Police Masonic Lodge.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Richie Windmill


Below is their reply:

Dear Sir

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner & North Wales Police does not hold any information in relation to any part your request.

Section 1 Freedom of Information Act 2000

Swyddfa Comisiynydd Heddlu a Throsedd / Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Pencadlys / Headquarters
Glan y Don
Bae Colwyn / Colwyn Bay LL29 8AW
Ffôn/Tel: 01492 805486
E-Bost/E-Mail: [North Wales PCC request email]
We/Web: www.northwales-pcc.gov.u

So why do North Wales Police say they operate a voluntary disclosure system?


In Westminster, MPs don’t have to disclose membership. In Cardiff Bay, AMs are expected to declare but no current member has done so.

In local authorities, the rules are unclear, with policies varying between authorities. Just 25 councillors across Wales have stated they are members.

Dyfed-Powys Police and Gwent Police have no requirement for staff to declare membership of the freemasons.

But both North Wales Police and South Wales Police operate a voluntary disclosure system.

South Wales Police told Y Byd ar Bedwar that two officers and three civilian support staff have declared membership whilst in North Wales, three sergeants and six constables have stated that they are freemasons.

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  1. The Police are treated just like any other Society or Group and Members are free to declare their membership or not. Just as any Golf Club, Friendly Society member, or any other Club. However, should such Membership possibly interfere with the conduct of any trial, then if requested, membership must be declared and considered accordingly.

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