The orible Oscars.

Thanks to my very good friend Mr Llandudno we have the twitter account of the orible trolls Nigel & Wendy Roberts.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Oscars

Warning this picture should not to be viewed if your are easily frightened.

The following picture was sent in by a reader

For those fortunate not to have been targeted by his poisonous, wandering, sausage fingers, the ‘jolly’ looking ex shopkeeper in the above photo is Nigel ‘Oscar’ Roberts and his wife Wendy enjoying a meal at San Carlo’s in Liverpool, funnily enough, the favored meeting place of Nigel & MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, back in the days of Thoughts of Oscar.
It would seem that Nigel has decided to crawl from under his stone and reappeared on Twitter, this time he’s not hiding behind his cloak of anonymity…leaving that for David eh?
Information recently passed over to the blog hints at Nigel having lost a considerable amount of weight, with some suggesting that reason being that he was suffering from cancer to being back on the bottle again, with tweets on his Twitter feed alluding to another battle with the grog #recovery.

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