Tory MP’s


MP David Jones is not on his own when it comes to trolling and threatening behaviour.

But it would correct to say he is the most deveous little B……D I have ever met.


Richie Windmill says:

We here in Llandudno have a similar problem, the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones has continually lied about his involvement in the authorship of the now defunct troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, that is despite huge evidence to the contrary.

This man used that blog to attack political opponents and people in general he did not like, he achieved this by hiding behind the cloak of anonymity, please google Guto Bebb and the thoughts of Oscar blog, for a better understanding.

When I stood up to this man he attacked me and my family, he stated my disabled son is a drain on society and should never have been allowed life, he has accused me of being a paedophile (which I hasten to add is completely untrue), he has this last year had me arrested and detained on four separate occasions, (all of which I was never charged for and completely exonerated).

All this and more this man is responsible for.

We are at present suing North Wales Police for their collusion with this man and his blog and are trying to raise funds to take a civil action against Mr Jones himself.

Why these type of people are seemingly allowed to get away with such vile behaviour is beyond me.

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  1. Mr Jones, power seeker, had to be the “big noise” Secretary of his Masonic Lodge and then couldn’t handle the pressure! What little pressure there was, of course. Took on Welsh Secretary office, couldn’t cope, sacked by the Prime Minister. His record says it all.

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