Natural born liars

My wife was arrested for lies told to North Wales Police (NWP choose to ignore the fact that these deliberate lies were just that) by Dylan Moore, Mark Bonsall and, yep you guessed it, the proven liars Nigel and Wendy Roberts. She was arrested under section 4 of the harassment act (violent harassment) for the below incidents.

Before North Wales Police start getting their knickers in a twist about me referring to the Roberts’ their trusted police informents as liars, (we know how easily the truth offends these natural born liars) lets just clarify that point.

On the 27th of April this year the Roberts’s accuse me of violently harassing them when they confronted my young son and I while we were out walking. The Roberts’ state I approached them in an aggressive manner and put my face in to Nigel’s and threatening him, Nigel  also says “after Windmill left I took my wife back to our shop as she was so upset and crying.

Please take a good look at this CCTV evidence and tell me who puts who’s face in to who’s, who approaches who aggressively and during the last six minutes of the recording, just how upset and crying Weeping Wendy is, and just how soon Nigel consoles her, taking his upset wife back to their shop?

This never got to court because Nigel & Wendy Roberts withdrew their statement just before having to attend, the liars.

What needs to be asked is why North Wales Police and the CPS did not subpoena them to appear? in addition they should have been charged with wasting police time and perverting the course of justice for lying in a police statement.  But no this is of course Nigel & Wendy Roberts, police informants and internet trolls, there is nothing worse than a grass/snitch/tittle tattle, these retches are the lowest of the low.

So lets look at their accusations against my Wife, they state that on the 18-09-2015 my wife was seen outside their property with a large camera which had a large lens taking this and other pictures of the damage done to their cars.
This is of course another lie, we do not own a camera anywhere near fitting that description and all the pictures taken and uploaded to my blog were taken by me using my I phone 6 plus, this of course can be proved without a shadow of a doubt.

The Roberts go on to state I remained in my car while my wife did as they accuse her, this is also a lie which can be proved, why did they not give to North Wales Police the picture, this person their neighbour, took of me as I was returning to my car, or the CCTV evidence from their own external over the top CCTV surveillance camera’s, which would clearly contradict their lies.

So there we have it yet more proof of the Roberts’s lying again, but North Wales Police just take their word for it????????

Dylan Moore and his partner Mark Bonsall, say that when I drove by their property my wife was sat next to me in my car and took this photograph as Dylan’s damaged car was being loaded onto a low loader.

Moore and Bonsall categorically state, they know it was my wife as they have seen her before and to be fair to Moore he had sat opposite to her whilst spending two hours of his working day trying to convince my wife and I of his innocence in the contribution to/authoring of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, so he should be able to recognise her with ease, not forgetting Moore is a Solicitor of many years experience who should be competent in his facts.

Below I have published a blown up portion of
that picture along with a comparison…..

Please note the silver I Phone 6 plus belonging to me but being used by my daughter, quite innocently I might add, when I asked her to take a picture of Moore’s car, you will see clearly it is the blown up portion of the above picture, so there can be no mistake as to who is sat next to me taking the pictures.

The picture to the right was after this event, to show a comparison, this is my wife’s left hand, note the difference in size, build and age, but more importantly the wedding band.

For a Solicitor of many years, a profession that prides itself on observation skills as well as exact facts, Moore is seriously lacking, let alone his partner who has never even met my wife.

Moore also says in his statement to the police that the low loader did not leave his property till 12.30pm, please note the next picture…..

This picture was taken at least 5 minutes after the low loader left Moore’s property and is taken as the low loader heads into the sorting office car park on Maesdu road.

Please note the time, 12.05.

Yet more evidence of Moore’s inability to get his facts right

What’s more interesting is that between 08.30 and 12.15pm on the day in question, my wife is at work, something seven weeks after her false arrest North Wales Police have not bothered to check on, they just take the words of those people we know to be responsible for the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, which North Wales Police defiantly colluded with.

A blog that served torment and terror on so many over a seven year period, a blog that when North Wales Police were ordered to investigate thoroughly after its exposure in a House Of Commons speech on the 09-09-2015, but did not.
I had hoped they the police would charge us so I could have my day in court, but like all the other false arrest last year no charges were brought.

North Wales Police are a disgrace, they have never sort to prosecute, Moore and his husband for their deliberate lies, neither have they ever sort to prosecute the Roberts’ for their deliberate lies.

I keep saying it, sooner or later this corrupt situation will be exposed and the shit will hit the fan.

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  1. Obviously, Nigel and his Mrs have an unfulfilled life, devoid of children and a life that most families find full of happiness. Instead they have this nasty attitude thatseems to compel them to get their fun from verbally attacking others. When they can’t esrablish good reason to comment about others they just make up stories to suit their own selfish and warped needs. I am one of those whose family have suffered at the hands of his (and her) vile pens, without any recourse open to me, due to the lack of action from the local Constabulary. However, this will not stop me eventually getting my revenge. How and when it will be is a matter for conjecture, but the opportunity will present itself, and full advantage will be taken of the opportunity! I suspect others are similarly inclined. His miserable life will become unbearable.

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