Allegation Five.

Paragraph one.

C I Jones outlines my concerns re the officers that have sought to protect the involvement of the people who published the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog. Namely the MP for Clwyd West David Jones and the ex newsagent Nigel Roberts, both Freemasons and both very close.

The officer I am most concerned about at that time was and still is D S John Hanson.

Hanson was tasked with overseeing the investigation into the ‘Oscar’ blog after Guto Bebbs speech on 09-09-2014, a speech which led to the demise of the blog.

The investigation was only implemented after North Wales Police were suggested to have been involved with that blog, an investigation they North Wales Police did not want.

Cleverly, deputy Chief constable Gareth Pritchard gave the task to Hanson, Knowing like himself Hanson is a Freemason and is closely associated with David Jones MP the main anonymous author of that blog.

Hanson was also fully aware of the blog and its authors throughout its seven year reign of torment and as with other senior officers Hanson denied any knowledge of the blog or its authors on each and every occasion a complaint was reported, the blog was without a doubt protected.

So Hanson leads the way. During his investigation 29 people came forward and provided evidence of harassment, identity theft, stalking, hate crimes, ableism and out and out bullying, all committed anonymously as is the case with internet trolls/cowards.

During Hanson’s investigation on at least two occasions Hanson met privately with David Jones, Nigel Roberts, Ruby Williams and Dylan Moore.

These meetings were at the request of Jones, Jones and the other three mentioned were concerned about my actions and had took their concerns to Hanson.

They were worried because I had covertly recorded conversations with them and others that proved their involvement with the ‘Oscar’ blog and additionally that I had published my findings.

Hanson assured all four that his investigation would go nowhere and the ‘Oscar’ complaints would be swept under the carpet.

So why was Hanson meeting privately with the very people he should have been investigating?

Paragraph 2.

This paragraph concentrates on my belief that the four arrests I suffered last year were designed to shut me up, not forgetting all four arrests came to nothing and in the case of the first arrest where Nigel and Wendy Roberts accuse me of violent harassment, hours before the case is to be heard they withdraw their accusations against me! as I have said before there was no way that that case was going to court, it would have meant the Roberts being cross examined, something that would have publicly exposed them for the liars they truly are.

It is relevant to mention that at the pre trial hearing the court clerk  along with the insistence of the CPS, explained at some length to me that it would be in my interest to plead guilty as the punishment would be all the lesser than if I pleaded not guilty and was subsequently found to be guilty at the full hearing.

I pleaded not guilty, the CPS than made a big deal of informing me that win or lose they would apply for a restraining order against me. It is unbelievable as to the lengths North Wales Police and the CPS have gone to protect the horrible people behind the ‘Oscar’ blog.

Eventually things began to make sense, apart from the obvious close Freemason relationship David Jones enjoyed with the likes of Hanson, Pritchard and other like minded North Wales Police Officers, we discovered that Nigel and Wendy Roberts are registered North Wales Police informants, something that was clarified by their, then solicitor Dylan Moore.

So as the reader can see my concerns are completely justified.

C I Jones goes on to say that I felt the complaints made against me were orchestrated by North Wales Police.

I sincerely believe they were, but one must not forget the influence of David Jones at this point and his promise he made to Guto Bebbs office concerning my family and I.

Jones to Bebb, ‘I intend o get windmill and his wife arrested, additionally I intend to create as much harm to his family as possible’. Please keep in mind what you deny at this point, I have recorded every conversation I have ever had with anyone I have conversed with regarding this affair.

Hanson to me, ‘I can have you arrested’.

So yes I sincerely believe all my arrests, the arrest of my wife, the raid on our home and the confiscation of our goods were all orchestrated by North Wales Police and much at the insistence of David Jones MP.

Paragraph 3.

C I Jones says He spoke to Hanson regarding my complaints and Hanson replied, ‘he had nothing to do with the arrest or investigation in relation to the section 5 public order’, But you see I never complained about his interference with the section 5 offence I was charged with. I COMPLAINED ABOUT THE ARREST FOR VIOLENT HARASSMENT. which I believe Hanson helped fabricate.

C I Jones goes on to say ‘there is no evidence  of his involvement in any of the case files’.

Bloody hell Hanson is hardly likely to leave a paper trail, so are we to believe that because Hanson says he is innocent of any wrong doing he is yet another upstanding honest impartial Police officer? even after his private meetings with Jones etc, and his threat to arrest me?

Hanson is a bloody liar and is up to his neck in this mess.

More tomorrow.