Dirty David Jones MP, Knighted, don’t make me laugh

Callum Vega, just out of nappies, a young Tory, not yet had his first shave, wonders why Dirty Dave MP has not been Knighted

Well Callum, Mr Llandudno explains it to you!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Reasons Why David Jones Should Not Get A Knighthood

We do not know who Callum Vega is or how much he was paid by the dishonorable gentleman idiot that is David Jones MP to post the tweet below asking why David Jones has not got a knighthood yet?

We suspect that David Cameron wasn’t inclined to give him one after he sacked him from his role as Secretary State for Wales, has had the then Chief Whip Michael Gove give him a bollocking for his role in the Thoughts of Oscar blog and then he trolled him via twitter.

To help deluded Callum Vega and any other poor souls who have been hoodwinked by David Jones here’s a few reasons:
  1. He contributed/authored a nasty poison pen style troll blog.
  2. He’s a nasty little man.
  3. He’s dishonest.
  4. He’s homophobic
  5. He’s rude to disabled people
  6. He trolled the Prime Minister on his anonymous Twitter account, before being found out and coming up with the most pathetic excuse for doing so.
  7. His colleagues don’t like him…they don’t trust him, he’s got a reputation for recording all conversations.
  8. He’s a snob.
  9. He needs his PA Brian George to give him vitamins.
  10. He makes poor Brian carry Wine Gums everywhere because he likes them.
  11. He’s a Christian…when it suits him.
  12. He likes to threaten people.
  13. He’s a weird old Freemason who doesn’t attend meetings but still does the handshake, wears the ring & tries to get favours.
  14. He let Nigel Roberts take all the stick for the Oscar blog, despite being a driving force behind the political posts.
And if the rumourz are true about his nocturnal activities when in Westminster then he shouldn’t have one…..