So it’s not paranoia!

I found this while googling the UK’s most corrupt police force.

Sometimes it is easy to think one is being paranoid while continually looking over his/her shoulder, due to the way he/she has been hounded by North Wales Police.

It is equally settling to read articles like this that are reminiscent of the way he/she has been treated.

Anyone who needs help with North Wales Police harassment please do not hesitate to email this blog, all correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence.

North Wales Police activities surrounding Targeted Individuals.

Merlyn Roberts made this Freedom of Information request to North Wales Police

The request was refused by North Wales Police.

Merlyn Roberts

Dear North Wales Police,

This is a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act.

A Targeted Individual (see who has lived in North Wales, has detailed evidence of North Wales Police being involved in harassment, intimidation, dissemination of false information and more, on them over a period of time.

The following information is being requested in relation to this activity on the part of North Wales Police.

1) Who is responsible for the control and operations of the activities surrounding Targeted Individuals who reside in the North Wales area?

2) What numbers of officers are engaged in these activities specifically? Are other officers involved in this work?

3) North Wales Police are known to be responsible for the dissemination of false information to third parties which smears the characters of these individuals. It also deliberately portrays them in a bad light by spreading falsehoods about them. There is specific corroboration of (name removed) having been slandered by North Wales Police when others have being advised they have criminal convictions when they do not.

Who directs these activities and controls the operation afterwards? Who undertakes the actual character assassination?

4) North Wales Police undertook surveillance of (name removed)this was by following them and by other methods, use of vehicles, monitoring phone calls and travel. Who controls these activities? Are officers who undertake this work dedicated to a special unit, or are they Police Officers in general?

5) What are the costs of these activities? Are they borne by North Wales Police, or another body?

6) It is understood that third parties are recruited to “stalk”, befriend and inform on the Targeted Individual. Who is responsible for the recruitment of these people? What sums are paid to them for their work in relation to this? Are these monies subject to tax etc? (Sounds like Nigel Roberts the police grass)

Yours faithfully,

Merlyn Roberts

Freedom of Information Team,