The alleged incident.

Nigel the internet troll Roberts, his official police statement.

At the end of page four Nigel Tells of his ‘meeting’ with my son and I.

To explain, I have a daily walk with my son and as often as not with my daughter as well, we generally walk down into town onto Mostyn street across Gloddaeth Avenue, up upper Mostyn street, right onto Church walks and over to the pier, then back home again.

On the morning of the 27-04-2015 my son and I had got as far as the central pedestrian island on Gloddaeth Street, when I spotted Nigel & Wendy Roberts heading in our direction, I instructed my son to turn his back to them in the direction of the floral roundabout, I did the same, I took out my Iphone and began to photograph the floral roundabout, hoping to avoid a confrontational situation with the Roberts’.

I glanced over my shoulder and spotted the Roberts’ heading straight for my son and I, conscious of my sons presence I turned to face them and took pictures of them for my sons and my protection.

This is not through fear of a threat of physical violence from Roberts or his wife, I am fully aware of what cowards people like them are, this was for the purpose of protection from their ability to lie.

Roberts closest to me, Starred open mouthed/gormless like, in our direction as if to say something, his demeanour was aggressive, I think he was taken aback at my sudden defensive reactions, I said ‘Good morning Nigel or should I say ‘Oscar’, or even CSI Llandudno’, he seemed a little flummoxed by this, akin to a naughty school boy being ‘caught with his pants down’, so all Roberts could do was trust his own mentality, so he replied, ‘Your fucking mad you are, fuck off’. 

I was a little taken aback by his language, especially in front of my son, and his wife, but knowing his mentality I was not in the least bit surprised.

The Roberts’ carried on their way across to the other side of Mostyn Street, but Nigel couldn’t help turning back and having another foul mouthed rant, I don’t recollect what he actually said as by this time I was more occupied with making sure my son was OK, this is a boy who has not been subjected to such filth let alone had a huge bulbous man being aggressive in his presence, something which must of been quite scary for a young boy.

All I do clearly remember was the words c..t and w….r spewing fourth from his large mouth, not very pleasant at all, I momentarily thought to pick him up on his language but thought better of it, I waited for him to carry on his way then said to my son, who was clearly upset by this time, ‘come on lets go home’.

We strode across Gloddaeth Street only for the Roberts’ to both turn round again and head back toward us, Mrs Roberts shrieked, ‘when is this going to stop’, I was unsure of her meaning, after all what was ‘this’ that she was referring to? did she mean her husbands foul mouth, or his love of anonymous internet tormenting? after all I had never before, been unfortunate enough to have a street encounter with them, so she couldn’t have been referring to that could she?

Roberts approaches my son and I, I make sure my son is behind me for his own protection, Roberts moves his huge figure around me to have a go at my son, verbally’, at that time I did consider giving him a slap, what father wouldn’t have, but knowing the man was both a coward and a liar I put my hands in my pockets (in an effort to show a non aggressive stance, which may have just inflamed the situation), and I stood firm, but relaxed, Roberts put his face in mine, the rancid smell of stale alcohol was almost unbearable, I took a step back, Mrs Roberts then put her hand aggressively toward me, (I remember thinking ‘is she going to strike me’), but she didn’t she spurted something foul mouthed at my son and I, but by this time I had turned away an headed towards home with my son, for me that was that, I didn’t think much more about it and went on my way with my son in hand.

Now read the web of lies that is Nigel Roberts description of events, but before you do, go back through the previous pages of his statement and remind yourself of just how much he believes his own lies.

Page five

Page five

Now view the CCTV evidence.

Evidence that clearly corroborates my version of events and clearly shows just what a pair of disgusting liars the Roberts’ are.

The thing I still cannot believe to this day is North Wales Police not only believing their obvious lies, but thought to use this CCTV evidence to try and convict me, bloody idiots.

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