Ched Evans

Not Guilty

Another case of a miscarriage of Justice brought about by North Wales Police and the CPS.

Ched Evans spent two and a half years in prison after being convicted in 2012 of raping the young woman following a drunken night out in his home town of Rhyl, North Wales.

The complainant did not report to the the police that she had been raped, she reported her handbag missing.

North Wales Police suggested to her that she had been raped after they viewed the hotels CCTV which showed Ched Evans arriving at the hotel, letting himself into the room where the women and a friend (Clayton McDonald) of Mr Evans were having sex, the CCTV went on to show Mr Evans leaving the hotel via the fire escape some time later.

That was enough for North Wales Police to declare rape, they informed the woman that they thought she had been raped, although up until that point the thought never crossed her mind, the police then informed her that her rapist was non other than Ched Evans the footballer, she, the woman saw pound signs, to this day she has never declared that she was raped, only stated she had no memory of the night in question, this was just the assumption of North Wales Police, who after interviewing Mr Evans decided he had raped her and why? because Mr Evens openly admitted having sex with her, not thinking for one minute the police would perceive that as an admission as rape.

North Wales Police and the CPS headed by Karen Dixon,( )concluded the woman was to intoxicated to give consent, therefore she had been raped.

This is a very dangerous conclusion and resulted in an innocent man being convicted, his career left in taters, his reputation destroyed and the devastation of his family.

They took no forensic evidence, they ignored the CCTV evidence that shows the woman more than capable of walking into the hotel, of turning around and returning to the taxi to retrieve her pizza, she was completely stable, they ignored the testimony of Mr Evans friend Clayton McDonald, (the man already having sex with her), when he stated that he asked if Evans could join in and she agreed.

North Wales Police have a reputation for manipulation and corruption.

Will North Wales Police be held accountable in law? no, but they will be sued, they and the CPS will have to pay millions in compensation to Mr Evans and quite rightly so.

Will this worry North Wales Police? no, and why? because this huge, just, compensation will come out of the public purse.

At present North Wales Police are being sued by Myself and others,

Cases which we will win, but who will cover the cost? you, the tax payer, will the people behind these unlawful actions face prosecution? no.

Will the officers who dreamt up that Mr Evans raped that woman be prosecuted? no

Will Karen Dixon of the CPS be held accountable?, no

This is a disgraceful miscarriage of justice, the worst of many, yet those that are ultimately responsable will never be held accountable, reminiscent of the corrupt MP David Jones.