Who are you?

Time to pay the Ferryman!

Slimy little fiend
Unknowing of my true identity
You have revealed yours.
I’m not your “to good to be true victim”
I’m the person who loathes you for what you’ve done
I’m the person who will reveal what you are.

Uncertain to if I can extract my revenge from you.
For that would put me on your level
The level of the lowest scum.
But you would deserve it.

You filthy perverted polititian
How can you admit
That you never did that of which you are accused
Damn you for using your position and powerful friends
You deceptive con!
How could you, tell lie upon lie,
to hide your true self

Your greatest mistake was to think
That you’re the only one capable of deception
If you only knew who I really am
Your fall will be spectacular

I have the power in my hands
To inflict the same wounds on you
As you did upon myself and others

it;s all a matter of timing, you’ll see!