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The Daily Post

North Wales Daily Post, what are you? define your self!

Are you an impartial balanced news media outlet that covers fairly, all public interest stories? or on the other hand are you a biased controlled news media outlet that publishes only that which your biased decision makers allow you to?

I’d would have to say the later and why?

Lets look at the facts:

  • Mr & Mrs Creamer got sent to prison in 2010 for alleged mortgage fraud, this is how you covered the story.

Regardless of the rights or wrongs in their conviction, one would have to concede that this was a public interest story and quite rightly should be told and was told, but the reporter did leave out a lot of relevant facts to support Mr and Mrs Creamer and their co-defendants, facts like, there was no complainer, no injured party, No loss of money, and no victims.

Like I have already stated this was an obvious public interest story.

Now lets look at an equally, if not more so, public story that you have refused to go anywhere near:

I will concede you did publish the initial story that started the ball rolling:

  • Guto Bebb reveals who authored the poison pen style troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. The guilty parties being, MP for Clwyd West David Jones, solicitor Dylan Moore and Newsagent Nigel Roberts.
  • Nigel Roberts issues a public statement taking full responsibility for that blog, stating that he and he alone wrote/contributed and published that blog:

This is where eyebrows start to raise, why would Nigel Roberts take sole responsibility for a blog that created so much harm and discord to so many, a blog that was guilty of homophobic comments, hate comments aimed at the disabled, a blog that used the identities of deceased family members to attack living relatives, a blog that stole the identity of other local people to harass and defame individuals, a blog that stalked the children of its intended victims, all this is documented and was more than enough to have ensured his arrest and subsequent conviction, so why would he especially when it has been proved beyond all doubt that he was not the sole author/contributor?

Because he had been assured protection.

At the time of his public statement on 09-09-2014 we, that is people generally were unaware of just how corrupt this whole situation was, it has since been proved without any doubt that David Jones the MP for Clwyd West did author the poison pen style blog, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, it has also been proved without any doubt that Dylan Moore helped in the authorship of that blog, but what is most concerning, it has been proved that high ranking Officers within North Wales Police sort to protect the blog and its authors, they also used the blog as an intel system, lastly it has been conclusively proved that Nigel Roberts is a police informant.

Why did Nigel Roberts say he was the only person to have authored that blog, yet four weeks earlier he wrote and published the following:

Prior to his admission of sole responsibility Nigel Roberts publishes this on ‘Thoughts of Oscar’

You would think that this statement alone would rouse the suspicions of a decent copper or a good reporter, and in the case of the later it has, articles have been written and submitted to the Daily Post hierarchy, but they refuse to publish.

So now we come to the most damning evidence of all that David Jones the MP for Clwyd West was a major author/contributor to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar.

  • In November 2014 and at his invitation I interviewed David Jones at his constituency office, Jones spent exactly fifty seven minutes trying to convince me he had never had anything to do in anyway what so ever with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar, he never contributed to that blog or communicated in anyway with that blog or its author, his words not mine, the full recording can be heard here:

  • This interview was followed by an interview with Dylan Moore at his request, Moore confirms that not only was Jones a regular contributor/author to that blog but also that Nigel Roberts supplied information to North Wales Police, the full interview can be heard here:

After legally recording these two people I constructed an edited version of both interviews to cover the important points, I also had the interviews transcript-ed, my edited version can be heard here:

This is rather a crude edit some may say its a fake, hence the reason for including the unedited recorded original interviews.

Additionally I also published these tweets sent from Jones’ parliamentary Twitter account, that clearly indicate a regular rapport between him and the publisher (Nigel Roberts) of the poison pen style troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

I published the edited recording in November 2014, as a result I was contacted by Jez Hemmings, a reporter at the Daily Post, he demanded all the recordings, transcripts etc, but I had my reservations about Hemmings, I had been informed that he had supplied stories to the Oscar blog, so I choose to act with caution, but apart from that I had a preference when it came to dealing with Daily Post reporters.

I spoke with a reporter I have great respect for and supplied him with the evidence, his superiors refused to publish, why would they do that? here was a factual evidence supported story that not only concerned a local Newsagent but a solicitor and a Conservative MP, not any old MP either, David Jones the MP for Clwyd West who had recently been sacked as Secretary of State for Wales, for controversial statements about gay couples and disabled people, the same MP who went on to troll the last PM David Cameron.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement.

I could not understand why the Daily Post refused point blank to report a story that was very much in the public interest but a story that would go on to reveal a tirade of corruption involving North Wales Police Officers, David Jones and the Freemasons.

That aside David Jones is an elected official, the general public have a right to know what sort of sordid behaviour some of their elected officials are getting up to.

It became very apparent that more powerful forces were at play.

 I decide to back track and re study all my collated evidence, I listened to the David Jones interview again and again and a comment made by his PA Bryan George started to play on my mind. ‘Why are you targeting the Freemasons’.

I had loosely mentioned the fact that Bryan George was a Freemason as was David Jones, but never paid much heed to that fact, having listened again and again to the recording I could not understand why Bryan George was being so unnecessarily defensive of the Freemasons.

My knowledge of Freemasons and Freemasonry was extremely limited, I had no interest in them, but good old Bryan had created a necessary thirst that I needed to quench, so I began to look deeply into Freemasons and their activities.

Not only did I discover that all the main players in this mess were active Freemasons I also discovered some belonged to the same lodge and some of the North Wales Police officers who had cropped up for whatever reason were also Freemasons.

So I looked deeper

The ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog existed between 2007 and 2014 during that time many local ordinary people and business people reported that blog to North Wales Police for disgusting articles and comments published about them on that blog, the first was reported by a local gay man ‘Billy King’ in 2008, after the blog authors had published homophobic comments about him.

The first complaint was handled by Inspector Ian Verburg, a Freemason, who denied any knowledge of the blog and its authors, he stated there was nothing the police could do and this was his advice:

Inspector Ian Verburg
Bent copper
Lied about knowing the authors behind the troll blog’Thoughts of Oscar’

I must be honest and say that I have no evidence that Verburg new the identities of those behind that blog in 2008, but he certainly knew who was responsable in 2010.

During the trial of MR and Mrs Creamer in 2010 the trial judge ordered DC Don Kenyon of North Wales Police to speak with the authorship behind that blog and have removed all defamatory comments about the defendants and their families and for no more comments to be published on that blog throughout the duration of the trial.

Kenyon telephoned Verburg, Verburg telephoned David Jones MP and Jones telephoned Nigel Roberts the blogs publisher who subsequently removed all the comments in question. Don Kenyon then swore on oath that this was the case and the trial continued, this is all transcript ed.

This is what Nigel Roberts published in response:

In March 2013 when my wife and I reported our concerns about the untrue things that the authors of that blog were publishing about me, two important things happened.

  1. We reported our concerns to PC 1555 Lisa Jones, Lisa Jones denied any knowledge of that blog, she lied, in 2009 PC 1555 Lisa Jones took a statement from a Ms L Smith who had reported the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar, to North Wales Police.
  2. PC 1555 Lisa Jones said there was nothing North Wales Police could do at the time of our report, I was unhappy with her response and requested she speak to a senior officer reluctantly she went and spoke with Inspector Ian Verburg and told us he said, he had no knowledge of the blog or it’s authors, he quite obviously lied.

A private investigator is hired

Late 2011 Mr Michael Naughton of Lewis Legal was hired by the owners North Wales Recovery to discovery who was authoring the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

30 minutes after Mr Naughton paid a visit to the home of Nigel Roberts and the Offices of David Jones he received a phone call from non other than Chief superintendent Simon Humphreys of North Wales Police warning Naughton to leave Roberts, Moore and Jones alone, why?

Chief superintendent Simon Humphreys of North Wales Police denied on numerous occasions any knowledge of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and its authors, he was still denying this knowledge in 2014.

Why did Nigel Roberts put this in an official email to Guto Bebb?

Chief superintendent Simon Humphreys of North Wales Police is also a Freemason and was hurriedly retired last year because this blog and others were about to expose him.

The involvement of Freemasons

In November 2014 and after I published my recorded interviews with David Jones MP and Dylan Moore, David Jones made a rather bizarre call to Guto Bebbs office first he accused me of being a paedophile and then he promised to have my wife and I arrested and to cause as much harm to my family as possible.

As I have blogged previously Jones used his Freemason connections to have me arrested four times last year, my wife once and our home raided, on each every occasion we were completely exonerated and as a result are now suing North Wales Police.

In November 2014 and because of Guto Bebbs commons speech concerning the poison pen style troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, North Wales Police were ordered to investigate all historic complaints made about that blog and its authors.

Conveniently DS John Hanson was given the task of overseeing this investigation, Hanson is a Freemason and closely associated with David Jones MP. Hanson chose DC Chris Walsh to investigate, Walsh is also a Freemason.

During this investigation Hanson held several unofficial meetings with Jones, Moore and Roberts, plus another. During one particular meeting in January 2015 Hanson assured Jones that he could have arrest me now!!!! Jones preferred to wait after Hanson assured him that his investigation would go nowhere, and true to his word it went nowhere.

The Daily Post were quick enough to publish a story that favoured the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ poison pen style troll blog, but will they publish our truthful factually based story? No

Five illegal arrests, our home raided and possessions confiscated, evidence that clearly connects David Jones MP with those arrests, evidence that clearly demonstrates David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts, his wife Wendy Roberts, Dylan Moore and his wife Mark Bonsall all conspired to have my wife and I arrested, all of them lied in official police statements Three of them Freemasons, none of them punished for their lies, all this is supported in official documentation yet the Daily Post will not touch it.

This is a complex factual story and if it were the other way round the Daily Post would publish and I would be locked up.


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