PCSO Chris Perkins

PCSO (plastic) Chris Perkins

Here he is in all his glory with his PCSO of the year award for Llandudno, which in its self is a pile of excrement.

Not so long ago just off Bryniau Rd in Llandudno there had been a party held for children by the parents of one of the children, at around 08.30 pm more kids turned up uninvited and they were asked to leave, some refused so the parents called North Wales Police to remove the uninvited kids of which Boy A was not one. North Wales Police in turn sent PCSO Perkins and his opposite number PCSO Pamela Hayers to investigate.

At the time PCSO Perkins and Hayer’s arrived,  announcing themselves by shouting and swearing in the direction of all the children present, Boy A was outside the house assisting a young girl suffering from a sudden asthma attack, probably brought on by arrival of the uninvited children and the fuss they were causing and although Perkins and Hayer clearly saw this girl in distress and Boy A assisting her they at no time offered to help.

Instead  Perkins continued to use inappropriate vocabulary  swearing at all the children. Two adult witnesses I have spoken say that they were appalled by his behaviour and immediately removed their invited children from his aggressive presence.

I asked the adults why they didn’t report his behaviour to the police they replied that they were scared of repercussions from the police. PCSO Perkins presence and demeanour naturally fuelled the fire, so to speak, rather than attacking the situation with calm and diplomacy, Perkins went in all guns blazing.

Some of the children present raised the issue of his aggressive manner with him, Perkins felt affronted and aggressively told all those present to ‘piss off’.

One lad (Boy A) (for legal reasons I cannot name him but Perkins and Hayers will know to who I am referring), a lad that is autistic (known by at the very least by PCSO Hayers to be autistic) to the extent that for a very long time he had found it extremely difficult to leave his home, he spent a large percentage of his day in the safety of his own bedroom, and although not part of the uninvited group of children, was signalled out by Perkins, who swore at the Boy A and told him not to move. Boy A asked Perkins why and Perkins replied ‘just do as your f…..g told’.

Boy A questioned his language, this rattled Perkins even more which resulted in more aggression on his part.

Perkins preceded to order all the children, in his words, to ‘fuck off home’.

At this time the children started to disperse, small groups heading off in different directions, Perkins and Hayers had lost control of the situation due to his aggressive approach, I suspect the children saw him as someone worthy of no respect because of his bad attitude toward them all and they had had enough of listening to his foul language which was directed entirely at them.

Like all the other children that Perkins had ordered to ‘fuck off home’  Boy A headed home, Perkins and Hayers realising that they had lost control  returned to their police vehicle and headed away.

They saw Boy A walking toward his home via Bryniau Road, hoodie up shoulders down , Hayers and Perkins raced toward him, they screeched to a halt Perkins shouted at Boy A, ‘where you going you fat shit’, Boy A turned round and said, ‘that was disrespectful I’m going home like you said’.

Before Boy A knew what was going on Perkins had dived out the car and jumped on the back of Boy A, Perkins put him in a hold from behind, Boy A panicked and tried to free himself, (a classic response from an autistic child) as Perkins frog marched Boy A to his patrol car autistic Boy A was still struggling.

In response PCSO Perkins, who himself is a large lump of a man, body slammed this 13 year old autistic boy against the patrol car, causing Boy A to cut his lips, this cut was shown to the police during interview and their response was ‘oh yeah’ but did not photograph his injury or make a written record of it.

Boy A was immediately handcuffed and dragged of to the custody suit at St Asaph police station, no consideration was paid to the fact that he was a minor and it was not till sometime later that his mother was contacted, Perkins informed her that Boy A was intoxicated but when Boy A’s mother got to the custody suit the custody officer informed her that at no time was Boy A intoxicated.

PCSO Perkins lied again.

During the interview carried out at St Asaph with Boy A, Boy A was accused of deliberately striking PCSO Perkins, there was no mention of PCSO Perkins aggressively leaving his police vehicle and jumping on Boy A’s back, no mention of the fact that Boy A had been body slammed against a police car by Perkins and that Boy A had simply flung out his arms for his own protection, Perkins insisted he had approached Boy A in a calm manner and Boy A had got aggressive towards him, this was a clear lie.

PCSO  Hayers was asked whether Boy A’s account was the truth, PCSO Pamela Hayers replied, ‘I was not looking I did not see anything’.

For those of you that have complained about the police as I have, doesn’t that statement have a familiar ring?

Despite the fact that PCSO Hayers was in the same police car as PCSO Perkins, despite the fact that they were clearly pursuing Boy A, when it comes to PCSO Perkins leaving the vehicle to confront Boy A (their suspect) PCSO Hayers suddenly has an attack of blindness, has she seen something else behind her at that exact moment? did she bend forward to examine the floor of the car? was she otherwise occupied doing her make up? no she is a lying PCSO, she lied to protect the unlawful and disgraceful actions of PCSO Perkins, and her own career.

She did not give a shit about the truth or Boy A all she cared about was looking after herself and her lying collegue

As a result Boy A was encouraged by the Police to plead guilty.

A few years previous this boy had been terribly bullied by a local thug, a thug that has since been prosecuted by the CPS for several offences, the thug in question had scared the life out of the Boy A not just by his constant bullying but also when he threatened Boy A with a knife, an offence that was promptly reported.

Boy A since this incident has become a lot more anxious and finds it difficult to socialise publicly, he has lost all respect for North Wales Police as have his family and all because of foul language on the part of PCSO Perkins, lies, and a cover up of the truth of what really took place that evening.

Two things strike me as the most important in all this, 1, PCSO Pamela Hayers has known of Boy A & his family for at least the last 5 years, she is fully aware of Boy A’s autistic issues and knows his mother very well, yet she never sort to discuss this issue with PCSO Perkins before he went aggressively diving in.

2, This family has a reputation for kindness, Boy A’s mother does so much good for our local community and at a moments notice drops most everything for people in need of help, her children are great kids with fantastic manners.

It seems that if your associated with North Wales Police and are a good liar you will be rewarded hence my including the picture of PCSO Perkins and his award.

This blog is going to make it it’s business to inform all local families of the actions of PCSO Perkins & PCSO Hayers, this is a true account of what happened that night and can be proved, I dare PCSO Perkins & PCSO Hayers to challenge otherwise.

The West Shore area of Llandudno is going to be informed of just how these two PCSO’s have lied to protect each other and their jobs and all at the expense of a 13 year old autistic boy.

Next time you PCSO’s see this family I bet you cannot look them in the eye.

Below is the official police guidance on how to deal a situation involving children


The positive relationships standard is that children are helped to develop, and to benefit from, relationships based on:

  1. Mutual respect and trust;
  2. An understanding about acceptable behaviour; and
  3. Positive responses to other children and adults.

PCSO Perkins clearly has no understanding of how to deal with children or the recommended guide lines.

The link below may help police officers and PCSO’s who clearly have no understanding of autism.


On the other hand PCSO Perkins like most Police Officers and PCSO’s I have encountered that are employed by North Wales Police, has a great understanding of, profanity, aggression and how to lie.

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  1. These are lies.
    And more importantly being used by you to yet again play the victim card.
    Your a exceptionally dishonest person.

  2. Our anonymous friend using an alias accuses me of lying and playing the victim, 1, please prove your accusations, how would you know if this story is a truth or a lie? 2, how am I playing the victim? this story is not about me, this story is about a factual incident involving two lying PCSO’s and a 13 year old autistic boy. 3, this blog only deals in trueful facts and exists to inform the public about the level of corruption in our police force, a local politician a useless Jaffa and a bent solicitor, and the truth about all those responsible for the troll blog ‘Thoughs of Oscar’.

    In future if you are going to accuse me of lying please provide evidence to support your accusations, otherwise you make yourself look as stupid as you quite obviously are.


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