Breaking the law, By North Wales Police

North Wales Police breaking the law again

Monday afternoon 03-04-2017 I was travelling west bound along the A55 between Colwyn Bay and Conwy, I was doing exactly 70 MPH after leaving the 50 MPH zone.

I always set my speed on cruise control so I cannot be compromised by Police officers.

I noticed in my rear view mirror a patrol car travelling very quickly behind me, as I have already stated I was doing 70MPH and was in the outside lane, noticing how quickly this police car was gaining on me with no emergency lights showing, I knew the officer was speeding, I pulled over and let him pass, then pulled back out to follow him.

My dash cam is very expensive and can monitor speed but this facility had not been operating correctly so in order to prove this officer was speeding I had no alternative but to clock him, much as the police would do if they did not have speed monitoring equipment on board, taking that into account I believed my actions were warranted and legal and had I wanted to push the point I was legally entitled to make a citizens arrest.

Knowing how corrupt North Wales Police are I decided to follow this officer instead, I wanted to ensure he was not on a call, he was not, I followed him to Tesco’s in Junction, he parked up, legally, went into the store and brought himself a butty.

I had followed him into the store and whilst recording him he looked around and made eye contact with me, I smiled and went on my way, after all I  had all I needed to prove this officer like most of his colleagues had broken the law and all for a butty.

If I had not bothered to follow him to his destination and then contacted 101, I would have been told the usual lie, ‘he was on a job’.

Once I had returned home and checked my recordings I contacted 101, a short time later a Sargent returned my call, this is the conversation:

Shortly after I was contacted by Sargent Lee Openshaw:

I made an appointment to see Openshaw the next day but unfortunately had to cancel, I was contacted then by Sargent Paul Anderson who arranged to meet me today, 06-07-2017 at 4pm at Llandudno Police station:

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  1. There is one Police Officer who is a regular visitor to the Tesco Cafe. Stays for half an hour and apparently enjoys his full English. He or someone else there again today, see pic. Obviously NOT on duty as vehicle parked well away from store entrance. He is not very bright as some days ago he walked out of the store leaving his Hi-Viz jacket hanging on the back of the chair. Collected it half hour later. What a plonker!

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