I don’t Know

The educators need educating.

Yesterday afternoon while waiting for my son to come out of school I was informed of a meeting within the school, hosted by North Wales Police, who were there to educate us, ‘parents’ about the dangers the internet posed to our children and how to best protect our children against possible internet bullies or bullying.

I was not keen on attending because of my distinct dislike of North Wales Police, a dislike that was born because of their refusal to protect the 43 known victims of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, a blog whose authors were exposed for their perverted behaviour over the internet, but despite that exposure and a public admission by Nigel Roberts, (ex of Nigel Roberts newsagents in Llandudno), the authors behind that awful blog have gotten away scot free, regardless of the many complaints made to North Wales Police over a seven year period, North wales Police refused to act against the perpetrators and to this day have only sort to harass us the victims for standing up against both those responsable and complete apathetic attitude toward the crimes committed by Nigel Roberts and his co-authors, the MP for Clwyd West David Jones and Dylan Moore, Jones’ long term business partner.

After listening to a very well presented speech regarding the dangers of the internet toward our children, by the head of the school, we, the audience were asked if we had any questions? I responded.

“This question is aimed at North wales Police” I said, looking directly at the attending officer and her PCSO.

“We as parents do everything we can to protect our children against internet bullying, but what will you the police do for example, if an anonymous internet blogger steals pictures of children from a parents face book account and then uses those pictures to harass the child’s parents”.

The officer responded by saying “we would have to make sure a crime has been committed”?

Me “Well a crime has been committed, at the very least a section 4 harassment offence or the miss use of the communications act”.

Officer, “I don’t know”? ” We wouldn’t know who the perpetrator was as he/she is anonymous”

Me, “but you can trace the person responsible”

Officer, “I don’t know”

Me, “we as parents do all we can but need faith that when we need help you the police will act, so what will you do”?

Officer, “I don’t Know”.

The conversation continued on the same vein for a little while then realising I was monopolising the situation, I discontinued my questions, but no more clarification was needed.

North Wales Police haven’t got a clue, if they practised the law to the letter on 09-09-2014 when Nigel Roberts publicly announced that he and he alone was responsable for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, and as a result of the many complaints brought to the attention of North Wales Police between 2007 and 2014, North Wales Police should have arrested him, instead they sort to protect him and his co-authors and try to prosecute the likes of me for persisting they act against Roberts, Jones and Moore.

Keeping in mind that Inspector Ian Verburg stated to all complainants that they the police ‘could do nothing as they did not know who was responsable for that blog’.

As I have disclosed before, we have since discovered that Nigel Roberts and his wife Wendy are police informants, David Jones, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore are Freemasons, as is Inspector Ian Verburg, the assistant Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard and the Chief constable Mark Polin, along with DS John Hanson, and Freemasons are the most corrupt kinky handshaking bunch of paedophiles going.

So what do we do? we keep fighting.

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  1. Sounds to me that the NW Police do very little, if any, protecting of us ordinary folk! The way you describe the meeting makes it sound like a Brian Rix farce! We know the bosses haven’t a clue, it looks like ordinary plod is just as useless. Pity there isn’t a radar gun that spots Trolls and Paedophies.

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