Nigel ‘the sociopath’ Roberts

The ticking time bomb

We all know the truth of Nigel Roberts, his trolling, his fellow trolls and the protection he and they received from North Wales Police, for services rendered.

On this blog I have written countless posts that expose the truth behind the collusion between the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and North Wales Police.

Those authors being, the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones, Dylan Moore and Nigel Roberts.

I have written about the lengths at which North Wales Police have sort to go, to protect these trolls, their troll blog and the unlawful involvement that North Wales Police enjoyed with both the blog and it’s authors, over a 7 year period.

To be fair I have written about little else, which must be somewhat boring to those of you that take the time to read my blog, but then in my defense this blog exists to expose the level of corruption between North Wales Police and these horrible trolls.

Every now and then I will write about the unbalanced character traits that these kind of people suffer from, that inevitably lead to their  twisted sense of morality and self belief.

Lets take a look at Nigel Roberts for example, this person shows all the classic signs that your classic sociopath exude characteristically.

On the 09-09-2014 Nigel Roberts had no choice but to hold his hands up and publicly declare himself the sole author and publisher of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,

Of course we all know that this is simply not true, Roberts was assured protection from prosecution by DS John Hanson, now in charge of North Wales Police’ professional standards department! Hanson assured him that would be the case, if he, Roberts, took sole responsibility, this assurance was authorized by DCC Gareth Pritchard who himself received assurances from the CC of North Wales Police, Mark Polin.

Roberts admission was brought about to protect the involvement of David Jones MP, who had recently been sacked as Secretary of State for Wales, for lying among other things and to protect the incredibly corrupt involvement of North Wales Police and its senior figure heads.

Over a seven year period Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP and Dylan Moore were guilty of stalking local children and their parents, of identity theft, of homophobic hate crimes, of disability hate crimes, of threatening behavior on more than one occasion, Roberts particularly  stalked a Plaid AM and his family and subsequently published pictures he took, on their blog, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Roberts, Jones and Moore were guilty of targeting the employers of local people to try and manufacture a person sacking, of accusing a local taxi driver, me, of being a pedophile, they have been guilty of publishing so many lies about other people, their businesses and their families.

The point I’m trying to make here is simply this because Nigel Roberts held his hands up to being the sole author/publisher of that blog why was he not arrested for all these crimes? crimes that had been reported to North Wales Police between 2007 and 09-09-2014, crimes that we the victims were told that they, North Wales Police, could do nothing about as they knew not who that blogs authors were and in the published words of PC Cawood, ‘North Wales Police had tried to prosecute the persons responsable for that blog but failed as they had no knowledge of the authorship’.

So there we have it, an obvious cover up, if ever there was one.

Back to Nigel

The worrying thing for the unsuspecting public is the mental health issues people like Roberts, Jones and Moore suffer from.

If you look at the classic symptoms and behavior of your average sociopath, these three twisted minds, that are protected by our so called protectors, (North Wales Police), fall into the most worrying levels of behavior exuded by someone who is clearly  a severe and dangerous sociopath.

These are some of Nigel Roberts recent tweets

Nigel Roberts has told that many lies, he simply does not recognize the truth, take note of what hes says below the picture, Nigel Roberts is delusional and a true sociopath.

A twisted sense of reality, Roberts is talking about his victims and that which he is guilty of inflicting upon them, but rather than take responsibility he makes their reality his, a classic trait of a sociopath, looking for sympathy and admiration at the same time, “Poor me Poor me, I’m the victim, but look what I have achieved through adversity”

The one truth in what he says is “I’ve never been broke”, no he has not, Roberts was an only child born to wealthy parents.


Look for a lack of shame. Most sociopaths can commit vile actions and not feel the least bit of remorse. Such actions may include physical abuse or public humiliation of others. If the person is a true sociopath, then he or she will feel no remorse about hurting others, lying, manipulating people, or just generally acting in an unacceptable way.

  • When a sociopath does something wrong, he or she is likely to accept none of the blame and to blame others instead. Something Nigel Roberts, David Jones mp and Dylan Moore did for seven years
  • Sociopaths are willing to hurt whomever whenever if it means that they will achieve their goals. Something Nigel Roberts, David Jones mp and Dylan Moore did for seven years using anonymity via their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. This is why many sociopaths are highly successful people. As in the case of these three individuals, all successful whether it be by their own efforts or as in the case of Nigel Roberts, given to him by his parents. However, keep in mind that although many people think sociopaths hunt people for sport, this is often not true. They just do as they please and do not care about how it affects others. Which is exactly the case where Roberts, Jones and Moore are concerned. When Roberts was forced to take responsibility for that vile blog, he never once said sorry, sorry for all the hurt, sorry for all the anguish and worry he , Jones and Moore inflicted on so many and sorry for the death of Mr Williams after Roberts threatened him, Mr Williams committed suicide
  • Sociopaths may be cruel to animals and will show absolutely no remorse for that, either.
See if the person is constantly lying. Sociopaths are perfectly comfortable going through their lives telling a series of lies. In fact, true sociopaths are uncomfortable when they are telling the truth. If they are finally caught in a lie, then they will continue to lie and backpedal to cover up the lies. If they are really on the verge of being caught in a major, major lie, though, they may then wildly confess everything in order to maintain your loyalty. In 2015, during a five month period and with the help of DS John Hanson, Roberts, Jones and Moore lied about me on numerous occasions which resulted in my arrest four times, their lies were proved but still they have never been punished.
  • For example, they might promise to seek help and then never follow through with it, or they might make changes for a short while and then return to their old ways. After their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was forced to close, North Wales Police advised them to keep a low profile and stop blogging anonymously. For short periods they did, but they could not control themselves and have since opened 5 new anonymous troll blogs and numerous anonymous social media accounts, all but their current one have been forced to close. 
  • Sociopaths love to lie about their pasts, too. Look for inconsistencies in their stories. Also, pay attention if someone familiar with their past grossly disagrees with their version of events or unknowingly discloses important information that the sociopath withheld.
  • Some sociopaths will go to great lengths to make you believe their lies. For example, a sociopath may pretend to leave “to go to work” every single day even if that person is unemployed.
  • Many sociopaths are delusional to the point where they believe that their lies are the truth. For example, Charles Manson once said, “I’ve never killed anyone! I don’t need to kill anyone!” (He said this in reference to the fact that his followers killed someone and not he himself.) If Nigel Roberts, David Jones and Dylan Moore are not clinically delusional then I’m a multi millionaire.

See if they are able to stay eerily calm in spite of circumstances. A sociopath can experience a highly emotional event (for others) without feeling any emotion. Sociopaths don’t register events the same way as non-sociopaths and may barely react in dangerous or scary situations. If they forget to act, they may respond to any good or bad news with a cold blank stare.

  • If you find yourself flustered or panicked and the person you’re with doesn’t look perturbed, then he or she may not register an event seriously like you do. This may be a sign of impaired empathy. This includes sociopaths, who lack emotional empathy.
  • Check to see if the person has ever seemed anxious or nervous, especially in situations that should naturally cause this behavior. Though some people are more even-keeled than others, most people demonstrate some form of anxiety eventually.
  • Also, consider if they have ever responded strongly with emotion in a situation where that seemed unwarranted. This could be fabricated (fake) emotion, or it might have been a defense mechanism.
  • Studies show that sociopaths do not demonstrate anxiety when shown images that would disturb others or when expecting to receive small electrical shocks, while non-sociopaths do register anxiety and fear in these situations.[1]

Below is a link to the rest of this article I have used to demonstrate the truth behind the mentality of Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP and Dylan Moore.