PC 1854 Gary ‘lying pig’ James

PC 1854 Gary James

Who remembers this little lying pig?

On 05-05-2015 I was arrested for allegedly violently harassing Nigel and Wendy Roberts in the street, an allegation easily disproved by the CCTV evidence North Wales Police said proved I was the instigator of the alleged incident.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence (sorry PC 1854 Gary James, you do not qualify, just stick to your on line fantasy of reality, http://conwyllandudnoblog.co.uk/2016/09/01/pc-1854-gary-james/ )   can see that the contrary is the truth.

During interview James tried to convince me on five occasions that I approach Roberts and put my face in his, I clearly did not and had to tell James to stop repeating his idiotic accusations (should have gone to speck savers) as they are clearly untrue.

I consequently complained about Gary James and sometime later I discovered that he was asked to interview me because of his experience,  that begs the question, what experience? Perhaps his experience as an out and out liar, or his experience as a Freemason?

After interview PC 1854 Gary James concocted his version of what I supposedly said during interview, little did he know I had obtained a recorded copy of the whole charade, the twat.


So as you can see, PC 1854 Gary James lied to try and obtain a conviction against me, as a consequence of his lies and along side those of Nigel and Wendy Roberts the case was dropped, which was an awful shame, because putting the internet trolls Nigel and Wendy Roberts on the stand, and cross examining PC 1854 Gary James, would have forced our crap local rags, ‘North Wales Daily Post and North Wales Weekly’, (both of who have editors who are Freemasons and reporters that provided information to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ reporters like Jezz Hemmings and Mari Jones), to publish the course of events, something they have refused to do and still refuse to publish.

When the vehicles belonging to Nigel and Wendy Roberts and Dylan Moore, (a fellow author of the troll blog blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’) were vandalized you would have thought, that, a news worthy story for our local populous, especially when so many locals and businesses were harassed and tormented by the very same people.


Defiantly not the case when it comes to these two useless rags, they report and publish incorrect facts about people North Wales Police are trying to prosecute, or they will report incorrect facts about NWP officers/PCSO’s http://conwyllandudnoblog.co.uk/2017/03/18/pcso-chris-perkins/

Visitors coming to this area would never believe that our police force, local press, some solicitors and a Tory MP (David Jones MP for Clwyd West) were steeped in such a high level of corruption with Freemasons at the forefront.