Once a pig…..

How I view North Wales Police

Its such a shame that the public face of NWPolice, is so heavily tainted, and all because of their authorised actions illegal actions against innocent family’s and individuals, implemented for the protection of crooked coppers, Freemasons and a bent MP, as in the case of David Jones MP, the little excrement bag, who uses his Freemason contacts in NWP, to do his dirty work.

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2 thoughts on “Once a pig…..”

  1. dear sirs,i am in the process of closing down n.w.police and the office of the pcc.
    it is over 3 years ago when my son sean,(of whom I act as his agent)knocked on the door of tywyn police station,to report an affray in tywyn library in mid wales.
    he was assalted by an out of control pc,then dragged into the police station foyer by another police officer g,edwards,and a pcso m.jones,all in full riot gear.he was criminally beaten up,which they admitted.
    he was then taken to dollgelau police station,where he was charged with a section 5 offence.
    he was given the choice of an £80-o 0 fine or an appearance at court,after contacting me ,he opted for court,he had done no wrong.
    inbetween court hearings,he was harressed by 2 of the pcofficers,ie pc.d.arch(twice)and pcso m jones,they were reprimanded by the so-called prof.standards at colwyn bay.all of this stated on 4-3-14.
    he had to leave his accommodation in twyn,for fear of further beatings,and has been living rough ,b,b,bunkhouses tents etc ever since .the obitual liar pc.d.arch,has been allowed to retire,as dci d.roome has,
    my son was convicted ,against all the evididence,at dol.magitrates,and fined £350-00,
    we are quite sure the freemasons were at work at this court,and said so in court.
    outside the court on that day,my sons solicitor told us that she had been told by an official in court,that cctv footage was available of the attack on my son in tywyn police station,we asked if she could obtain a copy.
    she asked the police,and was told ,yes there is a copy,then no there is not a coy then yes there is,and finally no there is not a film.
    it is my contention,that one of the 3 so-called policemen,filmed the criminal assault,using a body camera,on viewing the footage,it became to them,they were guilty,so the fim and camera was destroyed by them,
    if we had have obtained acopy.thier jobs would have gone in a flash,they knew that.
    my son is still homeless he spent the whole of last winter living rough on north yorks,moors.
    on appeal in Caernarfon crown court,my son had his sentence quashed,by a judge with a working brain,
    time he took 4 mins
    despite my many e-mails etc,to polin and pcca.jones,polin has never answered any,and my many requests from me asking if he is a freemason,alco same question to a,jones pcc,they have said nothing.
    so early nov,17 I intend visiting n.w.plolice hq,on four successive days.cc.m.polin.10 am,pcc a,.jones 1 pm to 3 pm,mainly to persuade them to resign,i will have an entourage,proir to the meetings ,I will have arranged fo leafletes to be distributed,in colwyn bay and the village wher a,jones lives,plus the many polive offosers who have given all their support to these vile creachers,who have conspired to protect their comrades against,all the evidence,in doing so, are guilty of perverting the course of justice,whilst in public office.
    can anyone explain to me if it is ethical for a cc, constablr,and a pcc,should share the same police hq.
    I have a lot more tosay,but I will end up by saying ,these things,have brought to its knees my 58 year old marriage.
    we have felt that the freemasons were at work,
    the freemasons,are a cancerous organisation,of looney tune magnitude,and are intertwtined within the judiciary and policing,and are of no use whatsoever to the complaining public.
    I watch a series on tv not long ago,it showed the freemasons,it would have been trajic,if it hadn’t been
    I maintain,that if the freemasons have to pperate ,as they do,interwined within the judiciary and the police.
    they should wear whilst on public duty .cothing so the public can tell who they are,like light blue suits with arrows on.
    I have a lot more to say.

  2. Thankyou Peter for your comment, please advice me of your November actions and I will be glad to support you.

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