Sergeant 1601 Prytherch

You couldn’t make it up

North Wales Police have to be the most incestuous force in existence, every time I have the sickening experience of having to deal with them they prove themselves to be peas from the same pod.

This idiot:

SGT 1601 Prytherch, another bent copper

In my last post I pointed out this officers ridiculous decision not to go ahead and inform the CPS of my valid complaint against Mike Carey,

I have now discovered he was the custody sgt that booked me into custody in 2015 and did nothing to adhere to the fact that I had informed him that I was being treated for a medical condition, a condition that should have allowed me not to be questioned until I had received attention from a medical professional to declare me fit.

Prytherch has been guilty of doing the same to another gentleman and consequently any evidence obtained during his illegal interview was dis-aloud by a judge.

I have sent an email with the custody record signed by Prytherch attached to my solicitor, who is suing NWPolice on my behalf, this information can only serve to strengthen my case.

below is my email to Prytherch.


I have applied for a victims right of appeal, I have been made aware that not only have you been the subject of similar complaints you are also the officer that booked me into custody on during 2015, you never adhered to the fact that I informed you of a medical condition and allowed me to be interviewed without first seeing a medical professional, tut tut this also made, making you privy to my situation.
Very unprofessional.
Are you a Freemason? do you attend Custodis Pacis lodge?
I shall do everything to ensure your appalling unprofessional behavior is made public and I will fight your stupendously ridiculous decision so far as Mr Carey is concerned.
I do not give up when I know I’m right and dealing with bent coppers has become my specialty.
People like you use your fancy dress outfit to bully and abuse you do not adhere to the oath you swore, you do so in confidence that any complaint received by the bent ds John Hanson will not be upheld.
A copy of this email will be sent to your Chief constable (not that this will worry you)
I have never met such a consistently corrupt  collection of police officers employed by one force.
Regards Richie Windmill