Nigel, Nigel, Nigel


Nigel Roberts….. is he a man? is he an animal? no he is a troll, a fantasist, a police informant and a playground bully.

Over the last three weeks, I have been unlucky enough to bump into the huge bulk of a jaffa that is David Nigel Roberts and on one occasion his side kick, lipstick Wendy. The drag queen.

I quite like drag queens!

Anyway good old Nigel tries to assert himself, now don’t forget if you say Hi to this troll and he has a problem with you, he phones his mates at NWPOLICE and you get arrested for a section 4 violent harassment offence, which is what happened to me when I was confronted with this bloated police informant and his man bird, lipstick Wendy in 2015, not that anything came from their tittle tattling, playground lies, because there was no truth behind their bullshit, not that, that bothered the little and big piggies employed by NWPOLICE, an organisation full of corporate pricks and Freemasons.

So back to seven bellies trying to assert himself,

1, Outside Aldi in Llandudno he spouts off:

2, The following week when returning to my work van, Nigel pops up again, and once again his massive gormless jaw hangs low, he tries to speak but has difficulty forming the words, I smile in sympathy not really grasping his lack of communication skills, but then I realize the lipstick QUEEN is not with him.

3, Returning from a job in Conwy I’m confronted by the sight of this huge troll walking three cute little white dogs, he spots me, his jaw slackens once again, he tries to form words, he struggles and loses all composure, lipstick Wendy is not with him, he scuttles away.

4, As we all know Nigel and his mates Dylan Moore and the MP for Clwyd West are lying corrupt, internet trolls, but they cannot help having a pop. as in the following comment sent to my blog:

Jan J
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Awaiting spam checkSo many obvious untruths in this piece of fiction.
I as it happens have a client of mine who has holiday homes and shall be pointing him the direction of this website lest he ever thinks of engaging your services.
You are most obviously not a fit and proper person to have keys to person’s homes.
In all honesty your a liar and goodness knows what else if you were married when you met your child bride.


David Jones MP, bent as they come, Nigel Roberts, fat troll, NWPOLICE informant and Dylan Moore bent solicitor, NWPOLICE informant and accomplished liar, all know I own a successful holiday management business. Using the internet they are collectively trying to diss me to my existing clientele, fortunately what they are unaware of is I’m honest, ‘a concept this scum could never grasp’, and make my clients aware of the difficulties I have had with these horrible people and NWPOLICE, as in the saying, ‘fail to prepare, then prepare to fail’.

Nigel your dogs are very cute, as you know I love dogs, and would rather spend time with them than scum like you, stop being a horrible fool enjoy your wealth, enjoy your little doggy’s and try to enjoy lipstick Wendy, leave the rest of us alone, we do not want your twisted behavior, if you cannot find peace in your polluted little mind and with you masculine wife then I advice you very strongly to go back to the psychiatrist that you told me a few weeks ago you were seeing.

Come on this is not healthy.

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  1. O 1st November 2017,i arrive at north wales police hq. at glan-y-don colwyn bay,tme 10 AM till 12 noon,for my meeting with cc mark polin,then 1 pmto 3 PM WITH A,JONES pcc.
    the same times I have booked meetings with them for the second of November,and the third of November
    the object of the meetings,is the removal of them from the office of chief constamle and police crime commissioner.
    I am going to be alone.
    on the agender will be the total abolition of thr freemasons,nationwide,and the dismissal of all freemason policemen,and more

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