Food for thought

UK Police today

The trust is gone, no faith in these corporate thugs who do not give a damn.


2 thoughts on “Food for thought”

  1. I have arranged a series of meetings with cc m.polin,and pcc a jones for next week.dates wed first of nov.10 am till noon,for polin,and 1 pm till 3 pm for a.jones.i am going alone to the cesspit ,that is nwpolice hq clan-y-don colwyn,the same times apply for the next day,ie thurs 2nd nov.and so on ,for a total of 7 days,ommiting sat,sun.
    I do not expect any of these 2 to turn up,pcc jones has run before when I made an appointment,but I will be there.i aim to have nw.police at glan-y don,and the office of the pcc ,closed down.

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