The Freemason, David Jones MP

A reward

Any information provided to this blog, about the MP for Clwyd West David Jones and his questionable activities, that lead to him being convicted of a crime will be met with a reward of £5,000, this money is provided collectively by the members of VOO, victims of Oscar, all those many people and businesses affected by the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ which was co-written by the David Jones.

Taken from his Wikipedia page


In 2014 Jones was accused by fellow MP Guto Bebb of being co-author of the blog “Thoughts of Oscar”.[18] Jones denied having anything to do with the blog, for which local newsagent Nigel Roberts claimed full responsibility. Richie Windmill, the leader of the “Victims of Oscar” action group, was arrested in October 2015, along with his wife, on suspicion of harassment, but were released without charge. They claimed the arrest was an act of revenge for exposing David Jones as a major contributor to the blog and accused him of using his masonic connections to arrange their arrests.[19]

Jones has spent a great deal of time trying to have this removed from his Wikipedia page, but bless, to no avail, as its all true.

An update on his activities will be available on the same page soon.

Anyone can affect his page, all you need is to log in and join Wikipedia then add your concerns about Jones under the various categories, make sure you link and cite any information you provide, if it is supported in this way he cannot get it removed.

This type of honest behavior does upset old Davy boy, the internet trolling Freemason, so if anyone reading this has information that shows this wretched waste of space for what he truly is then please follow my lead.

Or alternatively if you are unsure about supplying the information yourself then please email it to me at: ‘’, all  information provided will be treated in the  strictest of confidence unless other wise instructed.