North Wales Police Officers troll local MP

North Wales Police Officers caught harassing, online

Just when you think they couldn’t stoop any lower North Wales Police officers prove that they can and show pride in the level that they can stoop too.

A campaign waged against North Wales MP and government minister Guto Bebb was so bad that he has lodged four different complaints to his force’s chief constable.

In the most alarming episode, one serving police officer emailed Bebb directly to tell him: “While I still have an a***hole, I will campaign every day to get rid of you as an MP”.

Another police officer posted a message to him on Facebook that accused him of being “a Tory c***”.

Bebb’s home in his constituency of Aberconwy has been twice targeted by intimidating protests at 2am with chants of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ – but he has felt unable to call for help.

Welsh Office minister Bebb told The Sun: “How can I have any confidence my complaints will be taken seriously when I receive these sorts of communications from an officer serving in my own local police station?

I’m not a fan of Guto Bebbs, especially when the heat got to hot for him when his office and the members of the group known as the victims of Oscar AKA VOO were campaigning to expose the involvement of North Wales Police and the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. a disgusting blog, written anonymously, who’s authors enjoyed the full protection of North Wales Police, and during 2012/2014 when David Jones was Welsh Secretary, the protection of the Welsh Office.

The high profile author of the blog, the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, used that blog to attack all other local MP’s and Welsh assembly members, who for whatever reason he did not like, people like Llyr Huws Griffiths and his family, a Plaid AM who spoke out against David Jones, Darren Millar the Tory AM for Clwyd West, who spoke out against David Jones, Guto Bebb, Tory MP for Aberconwy, who spoke out against David Jones, as well as countless counselors.

When the blog was exposed in a Commons debate by Guto Bebb, North Wales Police rallied around Jones and his co-authors Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore, they arranged for Roberts to take the blame for the blog,

In return they assured Roberts would protected and not brought to trial, despite the many complaints of harassment etc from members of the public and business owners, and to this date neither Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP or Dylan Moore been held accountable.

After Bebbs Commons debate the Chief Constable for NWPOLICE, Mark Polin, demanded a meeting with Bebb, Polin was not amused that Bebb had mentioned North Wales Police and their possible involvement with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, even though he, Polin, was only to aware of his forces involvement.

In November 2014 I exposed David Jones as an author to that blog, the evidence was gathered during these covertly recorded meetings, and via these tweets,

As a result David Jones had me illegally arrested five times and my wife once, our home raided and goods confiscated, all arrests came to nothing and our goods returned, all these actions were carried out very quickly by NWPOLICE despite evidence to the contrary, yet on the other hand anyone including myself that has had the balls to stand against these horrible corrupt people have received no help what so ever either from the police or associated agency’s.

In 2015 after some months of assistance from the office of Guto Bebb, Bebb was reigned in by the Tory Whips and told to tow the party line, Bebb and his office dropped us, VOO, like a ton of bricks.

Early September that year I received a call from Barbara Baldwin, Bebbs PA, advising me to back of from my campaign to expose David Jones for the lying internet troll he is, when I refused she told me in no uncertain terms that she would allow this campaign to affect Guto Bebb and his office. I was shocked as up to that point I believed we had the full support of Bebb and his office, I was under the impression that Bebb was the kind of MP you don’t often find these days, an honest MP who would stand up for his constituents and for what was clearly right, I was wrong.

late September 2015 11 days before the illegal arrests of my wife, myself and the raid on our home, Bebbs office was informed by the MP for Clwyd West David Jones of our impending arrests and the raid on our home, this is a fact and I have a recording to prove it.

1, Who informed Jones nearly two weeks before our arrests, of our arrests? DS John Hanson, now of the professional standards department!!!!!!

2, Why did David Jones feel it necessary to inform Bebbs office? I can only surmise that he assumed Bebb or his office would give me the heads up, which could have resulted in him, Jones running to the whips and informing them that he had passed the information to Bebb and then Bebb to us, resulting in a very awkward situation for Bebb, something I understand but I would never put my career before what is right and in my mind that makes Bebb as bad as Jones.

So when Bebb scuttles of to the Sun complaining of the harassment he is receiving from North Wales Police perhaps he should remind himself of what my family and I have had to endure for over three years and are stilling having to endure, with no help from our local MP, himself, as his career is clearly more important, people like Bebb only get involved when a situation that is affecting his constituents starts to affect him, as in 2014 when the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar accused Bebb of taking bribes from Israeli business men!!!


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