Corrupt Kirman

The unlawful death of Mrs Service

Mrs Service was killed in April 2012, her daughter and herself were shopping when a powerful Jaguar XF driven by a 90 year old man mounted the pavement and hit them, no charges were brought against driver Geoffrey Read despite obvious discrepancy’s in his initial statement and eye witnesses evidence at the time of the incident.

Although Mr Read stayed seated and fully alert in his car for around fifty minutes and uninjured he was never breathalyzed nor cautioned as is standard practice with road traffic incidents.

After the incident he made a significant statement to a member of the public when he stated, “I could have blacked out but I don’t think so”, Read was at no time approached  by any North Wales Police officers, North Wales Police said during interview Mr Read told them that he must have have “blacked out” at the time his car mounted the pavement and hit a shop – a collision which also left Mrs Service’s daughter, Helen, seriously injured.

Many weeks later, NWPOLICE Officers attended for a statement MR Read stated “he did black out”, not he must have blacked out an obvious discrepancy/lie, (perhaps encouraged by the officers taking his statement).

North wales Police are riddled with Freemasons, Mr Read is a Freemason who lives around the corner from his Freemason colleague and friend the MP for Clwyd West David Jones.

This is no coincidence, Freemasons regularly rear their ugly heads when one of their own are caught up in an incident or crime, resulting in disgusting cover ups to protect their members as has been proved many times.

Look how they protected Superintendent Gordon Anglesea of North wales Police for thirty years covering up his sexual abuse of young boys.

Look how they protected the Freemasons, David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore from prosecution, for the horrendous internet crimes they committed over a seven year period on their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

When no charges were brought against Mr Read, and with a feeling of utter betrayal on the part of North Wales Police, Mrs Service’s family hired a private investigator who presented new evidence to the police.

Mr Read lied as did North Wales Police.

It has been proven Mr Read was fully alert at the time of the incident, CCTV footage showed Read to look down to his right and then just before impact he looks up and again proving he was not unconscious a voluntary movement as is clarified by an expert witness.

Just before impact Mr Read was also seen by witnesses to accelerate and turn his car left toward the shop avoiding a concrete white arch he was heading directly for which in turn probably saved his own life.

All the evidence presented to North Wales Police by  witnesses and CCTV was completely ignored and not presented.

One minute after impact a witness got into the rear of Reads car to check on him and the first thing Read said to him “I might have blacked out but I don’t think so”, (something ignored by North Wales Police) then Read went on to say “I don’t know what all the fuss is about”, that’s despite medics attending to Mrs Service and her daughter, he then said “would you please look after my car it is my pride and joy”, “and would you please phone my repair garage”.

Despite the obvious carnage around him he never once asked how the victims of his careless driving were.

The interviewing North wales Police officers took his word that he must have blacked out without any investigation what so ever.

The private investigator hired by Mrs Services husband, a Mr Michael Naughton of Lewis Legal Services has proved categorically that Mr Read was alert at the time of the accident and despite expert analysis on the motion of the car driven by Read as he approached the area where Mrs Service and her daughter were innocently shopping, analysis that proved Mr Read was in-control but distracted, North Wales Police refused to acknowledge their clear incompetency.

Only after great pressure on behalf of Mrs Services family and Mr Naughton, North Wales Police agreed to review the case in spring 2015.

But despite undeniable evidence that proved careless driving on behalf of Mr Read, lies on behalf of North wales Police officers and a very flawed investigation by North Wales Police, in a letter sent to the family, the CPS said there was still “insufficient evidence for there to be a realistic prospect of obtaining a conviction”.

That statement is utterly disgusting and as I have stated in previous posts, proves just how incestuous the relationship is between North Wales Police, our local CPS and the Freemasonic society.

Crown Prosecutor Andrew Fouracre said: “In my assessment, it is highly possible that Mr Read suffered a loss of consciousness prior to the collision.

“Equally, it is entirely possible that the collision occurred because he became distracted and/or paid insufficient attention to the road.

Mr Naughton and his presented expert analysis proved a concrete case of a cover up and corruption by North wales Police in their flawed investigation into Mrs Services death and unsurprisingly the Freemason influences that often determine dirty decision making by North Wales Police Officers, something that continues to dictate important outcomes against Innocent people by this very corrupt police authority.

Next, whats all this got to do with ex superintendent Rob Kirman?