David Jones MP, an extreme idiot

Once twice oops not yet, three times a minister….

Once twice oops not yet, three times sacked….

David Jones the Freemason rapscallion, who’s reputation precedes him, stupidly displays his arrogance combined with his extreme ignorance in his every day life, whether that be work or personnel, combined with his penchant for internet trolling, lying and natural gift for deceit, makes him a laughing stock.

In the corridors of Westminster he is sniggered at for his constant faux pas’, he provides his colleagues with the armaments needed to ridicule him, as he chases the favour of those he hopes to elevate his meager position as an ordinary MP.

Jones is commonly known as the little weasel, a sneak, a double-crosser, someone highly distrusted.

David Jones skulks along the corridors of assumed power, pausing like a snake to remark on another’s misfortunes, like the time he bumped into Guto Bebb MP and remarked on the incident that occurred in a House of Commons bar, involving Eric Joyce MP, https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/mp-goes-berserk-in-commons-bar-brawl-7446095.html

Jones was full of glee striking tales of blood and gore, tales to which he was not privy, but altogether making out he was.

The bumbling foolish wannabe witness was however totally unaware the Bebb had actually been there that evening and had witnessed the whole event, from a secluded area at the rear of the bar in question, once Bebb had made it known to Jones that he was in fact there at the time of the incident, within one hour the whole unsavory event was splashed all over the troll ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, what a coincidence.

Once again Jones was left feeling feeble minded, red faced but undeterred (as are most fantasists)  he slithered along his way till he found another unsuspecting MP to re-gale his tale of Eric Joyce the blood thirsty thuggish Labour MP who had ‘lashed out in the most dishonorable and altogether  monstrous way, not befitting such an establishment’.

What does such a fool do?


David Jones championed the leave campaign for Wales, I believe he truly believes that leaving the EU is the right thing to do, not for the benefit of the UK, but much more importantly for the benefit of arrogant snobs like himself.

Having had first hand experience of this weird little mans views on anyone not of his mind or privilege, I consider myself excellently qualified to comment on Jones’ complete lack of morality and his distaste for ‘that sort’.

I’m sure that Jones views Brexit as an easy way of removing the human rights of ‘that sort’, allowing the likes of him and his Freemason cronies to more easily reek havoc on the lives of ‘that sort’ who stand up to his contorted mentality.

As for me I voted leave, had I known just what a cock up the Tories have made of leaving the EU, I, like thousands of others would have voted to stay.

Jones, in his self obsessed arrogance, clashes on every level with those more sound of mind, as in the case of Michael Russell MP, who annihilates Jones’ on TV.

Then we have David Jones on Gay couples and parenting

Jones wrongly calls a disabled armed forces veteran a Labour sympathizer and a liar, then as is typical of his persuasion, refuses to apologise:


David Jones MP is a long standing Freemason whose cupboard is full of skeletons and aprons that would grey the hair of Lucifer himself, http://www.drsallybaker.com/tag/david-jones-mp/

This blog has bored it’s readers with its endless but true posts that surround this evil little s..ts existence, and will ceaselessly champion on behalf of the many people and businesses he has derided.

Jones has on four separate occasions tried to have me incarcerated and on four separate occasioned failed miserably, lies don’t bare well in a court of law, even if you are attempting to use those police officers, judges and magistrates that are all members of the weird cult commonly known as the Freemasons.

Jones has threatened to sue me, again lies don’t stand up well in court and he would have to suffer the humiliation of the tabloids attending a public building while he and his lawyers present their case against me, a case or cases built on his lies, lies that he would have to convince were in fact true under cross examination.

Jones has manipulated situations legal and otherwise to the benefit of himself and his Freemasons colleagues:

1, The ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, that under the guise of a pseudonym Jones would disparage  anyone he choose, a typical coward.

2, The terribly sad case of Mrs service, https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/eight-failures-north-wales-police-11451595 Jones is said to have had a hand in protecting his neighbor, the 90 year old Freemason who was responsable for Mrs Services untimely death.

3, As I have already stated the four arrests and house raid I was subjected too in an attempt to shut me up.

4, Jones derides gay couples

5, Jones’ troll blog, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ claimed ‘disabled children were a drain on society and their parents selfish for bringing them into this world’.

But five cases that highlight this little weasels devious dealings.