Public downfalls


Preach what you practice

  • A local Councillor who allegedly uses her bum to polish the desk of her colleague East of Colwyn Bay
  • A cop with no balls and a penchant for lying
  • North wales Police and Conwy Borough Council, how many cover ups until the tabloids get hold of the levels of excrement these two public institutions excrete?
  • David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West and Freemason internet troll  and his crimes that remain unpunished
  • Nigel (Freemason) and Wendy Roberts, internet trolls, child stalkers, liars and NWPolice informants who’s crimes still remain unpunished
  • Dylan Moore Freemason Solicitor, internet troll and liar, who’s crimes still remain unpunished.
  • North Wales Weekly News/Daily post, still refuse to publish any of the fact based evidenced crimes committed by the above people and those associated with them.
  • Editor For the Daily Post and the Weekly News Andrew Campbell and Executive Editor Marc Waddington, both Freemasons

A great fact based blog

Anyone reading my little blog should donate their time to discovering the blog linked above, an incredibly, factual and accurate account of the local powers that be.

Mr Creamer’s latest post is a post that justifies how I feel about the person’s mentioned,

On the 4th of June this year, Councillor Julie Fallon-Smith proved just how unsympathetic a person can be, she oversaw the latest annual Police and Crime commissioner’s meeting, a meeting I deliberately helped to delay so to allow Mr David Service to finally be able to air his justified frustrations at the then Chief Constable, Mark Polin.

Julie Fallon-Smith showed no compassion to this 79 year old elderly gent who had not only lost his beloved wife in the most dreadful circumstances but had then gone on to suffer the overwhelming, deplorable levels of deceit and corruption throughout the ranks of North Wales Police in their effort to protect the 90 year old Freemason responsible for the unlawful killing of Mrs Celia Service.

Councillor Fallon-Smith showed the same levels of compassion for Mr Service and his late wife as Adolf Eichmann did during his trial after WW2; I looked in this woman’s eyes as she tried to bully Mr Service away from the persons responsible for the corruption surrounding the circumstances before, during and after the death of his wife, some people are clearly more obsessed with their status than what is right and just.




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  1. I don’t see how creamers blog is any different to thoughts of oscar? Just another load of hate filled rubbish.

    1. Oops ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was fabricated crap, Mr Creamers blog is evidenced fact based truth, so where is the comparison?

  2. Both and yourself are sad pathetic tiny men. Get a life..a job..a proper job. Leave these people alone. I’m sure there are laws about trolling people. Sad!!

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