Councillor Julie Fallon-Smith

What a naughty self obsessed thieving girl

The link below is another excellent well researched exposure by Mr Creamer.

The Weekly Shite (News) and The Daily crap (Post), should be informing the general public of what Councillor Fallon-Smith has been up too, but they won’t, they are incapable of publishing the underhand/illegal exploits of people like Fallon-Smith, David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Nigel and Wendy Roberts and countless officers serving amongs’t the ranks of North Wales Police. Officers like PC Mike Smith (Fallon-Smiths husband) who was recently forced to retire in  order to protect North Wales Police from another damning incident of corruption.

Who remembers the film: ‘The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover’?

A 1989 film that starred  Ian Dury.

Councillor Julie Fallon-Smith would be an ideal candidate for the sequel:

‘The Copper, The Councillor, The thief, her lovers and his wife’

I shall not expand upon the innuendos, that will come via another medium soon.



10 thoughts on “Councillor Julie Fallon-Smith”

  1. Set a thieve to catch a thieve.
    Why did you get kicked out of the police?

    1. What a knob, so Creamer is a Grass is he? if he is I’m a millionaire. Then you say Windmill is a Paedo, wow what an incite you must have, ignorance is bliss especially, when your an anonymous coward.

  2. I’m sure Julie must be devastated that a bloke who’s been convicted of multiple counts of mortgage and credit card fraud is making accusations of financial impropriety!

  3. This is utter rubbish. You and creamer are laughing stocks. I know these people. Not well but know of the work they do. What have you ever done??! What has creamer ever done?? Stole, bullied, dealed . Hr hates drugs yet his son is a convicted drug dealer! Lol..He is well known in Conwy for certain things, yet you expect people to believe the shit coming out of his blog. Lots of comments from a lot of his hangers on I think!

      1. It’s the old adage with numpties like you ‘Anon’, you have not got the balls to use your own name never mind saying the stupid things you say to those concerned, face to face.
        You are gutless.

  4. Ritchie.. Is that not anonymous? The truth will come out. Can’t wait for the humble pie being dished around !!

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