Steve Dickens

Steve Dickens, the lump that never learns.

After cutting me up, three times on approach to ASDA, Dickens received the bird, perfectly reasonable reaction on my part…..

Dickens proceeded to follow me into ASDA car park at which point he used his podgie bulk to try intimidating me, unfortunately for him i’m not that easily intimidated.

After telling him a few home truths he returned to his old BMW to retrieve his mobile.

Returning to my vehicle he thrust his phone in my face and asked me to repeat what I had said to him, so I did, word for word.

This clowns parting words were, I’m reporting you to the police for swearing…..

The thing with Dickens he is a bully with a low mentality and will never change, I’m remember him crying at Mold Crown Court while standing trail for rape…..

1 thought on “Steve Dickens”

  1. Fat grass dicko he’s blew plenty up in this town to save his own skin, meena with Dicko have grassed on plenty fatty charged with rape and stalking a little girl the size of a doll , his own family don’t speak to him says a lot, seen him walking around the orme yesterday with a few little girls, you want to try running fatty and stay off the chips, look at his fat face

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