CQ040 Michael, traffic warden extraordinaire

liar, anti disabled, guilty of discrimination against disabled children and targets people who stand up to his appalling behaviour.

After this and two other incidents with Michael the traffic warden, I reported him to the incredibly useless North Wales police who stated that discrimination toward or against a disabled person was a civil matter and not a criminal matter, PC Griffiths of North Wales police informed me of this, she obviously does not know the law and the full recording of that conversation and one that followed will follow this article.

North Wales police have Harassed and victimised myself and my family since 2014 when I exposed them for being complicit with The poison pen letter blog called thoughts of Oscar which was authored By the MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones and his Freemason friends Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore.

Over the last seven years I’ve been unlawfully arrested and detained seven times. Each time no further action was taken but that did not stop North Wales police from continuing to disrupt my life and the life of my family.

I strongly believe that if you are in the right then you have every right to stand firm you must demonstrate this and stand up to those who would inconvenience or inprison you because you have the balls to say no this is wrong.