North Wales Police and their partial policing.

All because I had the balls to stand up to their corrupt policing…..

Since 2014, after David Jones, the Freemason MP for Clwyd West, was proved to have been a major contributor/author, to the anonymous poison pen blog, ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’, myself and my family have suffered for years and to this present date continue to do so with unjustified arrests, accusations and harassment by North Wales Police.

I chose to stand against the corrupt actions of this morally inept, incapable and incurable force, why? because of the paragraph above.


References to the poison pen blog, ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ are readily available on this blog, so no need to dwell on the facts, other than to say, I stood up to the vile behaviour of so called ‘upright citizens’.

The disgustingly corrupt Freemason MP, David Ian Jones, his business associate and Solicitor, Dylan Moore, his long standing friend and newsagent, David Nigel Roberts, his journalist friend Ruby Williams, his fellow Freemason and rotary chairman, Christopher Drew, his Freemason palls, Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, inspector Ian Verburg, Chief of Police, Mark Polin, superintendent John Hanson, PC Gary James ex PC Mike Smith to name but a few.

The arrests

1, April 2015, I was arrested and detained for supposedly violently harassing David Nigel Roberts(the self confessed author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’) and his wife. CCTV showed the contrary and all charges were dropped, but not until after two court appearances, at huge expense to the public purse.

April 2015, I was again arrested for an electoral offence that even the CPS and North Wales Police were unaware of. The MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones, accused me of effecting his chance of re election in may of that year, because I’d published covert recordings that without doubt he helped author the anonymous troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, additionally I had produced leaflets that informed the public of his lies and corrupt behaviour, all of which had been in the public domain previously.

As a result of this arrest I was held on bail for 5 months, but no charges were ever brought and David Jones refused to meet me in court, to prove his accusations.

October 2015 I was again arrested for supposedly violently harassing The MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones, his business partner Dylan Moore ( who also helped author the anonymous troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’), Ruby Williams, an avid supporter of said blog and David Nigel Roberts and his wife Wendy.

On the same day my wife was arrested for the same accusations against me and our home was raided. North Wales Police confiscated all our tech, including our children’s Xbox, a toy spy watch and various other children’s toys.

For seven weeks we were held on bail and our belongings withheld from us, 7 weeks to the day everything was returned no charges were ever brought and no apology given.

October 2015 I was arrested again for supposedly breaching bail conditions for the above, after 17 hours I was released with no charge.

All of the above is explained in more detail on this blog.

2020 I was arrested for supposedly violently harassing the traffic Warden, Georgina Schofield, a friend of David Nigel Roberts and his wife Wendy, despite two court appearances no charges or convictions were brought against me and the CPS had to dismiss the case as North Wales Police could produce no evidence against me.

Imagine if I had allowed myself to accept a guilty plea as I was advised each time by the court clerk, I would now have a criminal record as long as my arm, for what, fabricated accusations.

November 2014, after I published the covert recordings that proved David Ian Jones authorship with the anonymous troll blog‘Thoughts Of Oscar’, Jones contacted the then MP for Aberconwy, Gutto Bebb, (the very same MP that in the House of Commons on the ninth of September that year, exposed the anonymously written troll blog‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ and those involved with it). Jones in a fit of temper told Bebb the following. ‘I am going to do everything in my power to destroy the lives of Richie Windmill his wife and his children’. This is all true and supported.

The 12th of January 2021, I had to attend court regarding the above false accusations about me violently harassing the traffic warden, Georgina Schofield.

On entering the court building I was asked to empty my man bag, pockets etc, I did, but inside my bag along with a selection of small tools I used for work, was a folded knife which I used for removing silicone etc, the security guard removed it along with another tool and explained they would be returned later.

At this point I should state I had completely forgotten about the knife or tools being in my bag, after all we had been in lockdown since 1st October 2020.

The guard then presented the knife to a police officer who was present in the building, as a result I was invited to a voluntary interview at Lllandudno police station that day, I informed the officer I could not attend that day as I was on my way back to work, but would attend the following morning.

I was charged and summoned to appear at Llandudno Magistrates Court some months later. I am only to aware that the MP David Ian Jones (a solicitor and previous Welsh Secretary, but more importantly a Freemason) has influence with magistrates judges etc and because of his threats against me, did not and do not trust the local judiciary. So I opted for Crown Court, hopping that a jury of my peers would use common sense and see I had not intentionally committed an offence, unfortunately they didn’t and I was found Guilty.

On 18th of November 2021 I attended court for sentencing although probation have recommended a small fine and that’s it, I was expecting a prison term of at least six months, fortunately the judge had the intelligence to see this CRIME for what it was, a genuine mistake, meaning I forgot the folded knife was there, she is bound by the law, so gave me the minimum punishment possible, 3 months prison suspended for 6 months.

I will be forever grateful for her common sense.

Thanks for your support.