Dear Perkie

Perkie 1 approved Awaiting spam checkMy kids are proud of my wife and I , yours will grow up and see you for what you really are. I guess your the chief toilet cleaner of this little business of yours ? Do your clients have any idea of what the two of you Read More …

Police corruption. a must watch

Sickening I thought I was past being surprised by the levels of corruption that run through our police forces from the very top down. This interview is a must watch for all. People like me who have endured North Wales Police corruption at it’s worse and the way senior officers are influenced by their Freemasonic Read More …

Know your rights

Especially when dealing with Britain’s most corrupt Police Force, North Wales Police

Know your rights

Especially when it comes to North wales Police

Don’t do as we do, do as we say

North Wales Police illegally parked This little piggy went to the bank, illegally parked and prevented official Llandudno Taxi’s from operating. That’s OK, they are the police, they are a law unto themselves.

North Wales Police thugs

North Wales Police at their ‘finest’ and all because of an unfounded accusation of assult

Food for thought

UK Police today The trust is gone, no faith in these corporate thugs who do not give a damn.  

The heat is on

Accountability North Wales Police, are they a force in crisis? Steeped in corruption, the top brass out of control, lower ranking officers from the assistant chief constable down showing a lack of any moral compass and officers who have no real understanding of the law. Questionable/Illegal actions Fishing trips! that’s what officers Read More …

North Wales Police, finest.

North Wales Police Riddled with Freemasons Paedophiles, rapists, liars and uneducated morons North Wales Police sergeant accused of spying on young girl in bedroom Neil Hughes, 47, from Flint, denies two charges of voyeurism using a mobile phone and will now face trial in November A North Wales Police officer has today denied covertly filming Read More …

This North Wales Piggy

This North Wales Piggy didn’t go to market didn’t go to town this little piggy went to Tesco’s While on duty and using a public paid for vehicle this little piggy went to Tesco’s for his breakfast as he does quite often. Using ‘Nigel Roberts’ vernacular, this info was ‘sent in by a friend of Read More …