North Wales Police and PC Plonker

PC 2482 Robert (plonker) Williams pulled my wife over and demanded her details despite the fact she had broken no laws, in fact he pulled her over because he says he saw me, the passenger, give him the ‘dick head sign’ then changes his mind and says I gave him the ‘wanker sign’. PC 2482 Read More …

The return of Urinal head

Steve ‘Rico’ Davies Nigel Roberts mate Steve Davies has apparently paid a visit home! this is the creep that hosted the troll blogs run by Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP, from America, making it more difficult for the authorities to prosecute for the vile and untrue information they published about members of VOO, (victims Read More …

Taxi driver wrongly convicted by the CPS & North Wales Police

Little or no investigation North Wales Police could never be accused of being superstars when it comes to their investigative skills, time and time again they fail to investigate properly and time and time again innocent people have their lives turned upside down because of this inept , badly managed police force. No apology has Read More …

Criminal Kirman the ex-Superintendent

All about Rob and North Wales Police Superintendent Rob Kirman, sacked¬† You may remember Kirman from this artical:¬† Yep Kirman has a habit of lying and covering up unlawful actions by fellow police officers. When Nia killed the Deer whilst speeding, Kirman and his mate superintendent Mark Owen, Nia’s husband covered up the incident.   Read More …

Dear Perkie

Perkie 1 approved Awaiting spam checkMy kids are proud of my wife and I , yours will grow up and see you for what you really are. I guess your the chief toilet cleaner of this little business of yours ? Do your clients have any idea of what the two of you Read More …

Know your rights

Porky pig  

Police corruption. a must watch

Sickening I thought I was past being surprised by the levels of corruption that run through our police forces from the very top down. This interview is a must watch for all. People like me who have endured North Wales Police corruption at it’s worse and the way senior officers are influenced by their Freemasonic Read More …

Know your rights

Especially when dealing with Britain’s most corrupt Police Force, North Wales Police

Know your rights

Especially when it comes to North wales Police

Know your rights

Especially when it comes to North Wales Police